I’m sure we’ve all done it, say you’re going to watch one episode of a series and before you know it – you’ve watched five of the damn addictive things.

It doesn’t happen with every TV series I watch and it’s been a while since my last TV binging session, but some seem to grab me at vulnerable moments and don’t let me go until there’s none left. Today appears to be one of those vulnerable days (read as: lazy feeling days).

I had a whole list of stuff planned of both chores and fun stuff – but what did I do? I made the mistake of beginning series 3 of The Walking Dead  whilst I ate my lunch. Five episodes later I realised I had better stop and get on with some of my list.

Damn you NOW TV and our free trial that started yesterday! If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to start watching it in the first place. I can foresee that my evenings and weekends will be taken up with the rest of series 3, then 4, then 5 – which should be being taken up by my course assignment! Although I’ll probably just binge watch it all so it should only take me a few days; I can get back to my normal routine after that I suppose. I don’t have the will power to do what I’m meant to be doing, when I’m in the grips of a series that I can watch one after the other without thinking about it.

How far have I got with my list of jobs today? Not far as all I want to do is watch more Walking Dead, but I have managed to do a few things at least. …Maybe I’ll just watch one more episode…


Tell me, what TV series’ do you find yourself glued to the sofa with?


17 thoughts on “Gone and done it again. Another day lost to TV binging

      • It is a love/hate relationship. I think I am most addicted to the opening song. That’s how I felt about breaking bad. I can’t seem to get past season one.

      • Haven’t tried Breaking Bad yet, I’m worried that there’s been so much hype around it that I’ll be expecting too much from it and not like it. I reckon this is what happened with Mad Men for me x

    • Oh yes I did that when I got the boxset of SATC, loved it. I watched Lost on terrestial when it first came out but wasn’t enjoying it into the second series. You’ve got me thinking about SATC now, oh Aidan. x

  1. I don’t get too much time for Netflix these days, but when I first discovered The Office a couple of years ago I think I watched the whole thing in about 2 weeks.

  2. This was me last Saturday. I was just supposed to watch X-men and next thing I knew, I had spent close to 6hours TV bingeing. You are definitely not alone. Thanks for stopping by at my blog!

  3. Right now I am binge watching Warehouse 13… I tend to like the sci-fi & fantasy genre. I can only watch each episode as it comes out right now of Grimm much to my dismay!

    • Oh I did start watching that at one point, must have just forgotten about it as I don’t remember purposefully stopping. Perhaps I’ll give it another go after TWD (I’ll be inconsolable when that day comes). I do like a good sci-fi and fantasy myself too, something to escape reality with for half hour or so. x

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