I like to do different things to my nails to try and pretty up my hands a little bit. I say I do like to…I don’t really.

Let me explain. The actual act of sitting and spending hours painting my nails ‘perfectly’ is tedious and they never turn out the way I imagine them to anyway – and then I always (always) manage to smudge them somehow. So I have my nails plain most of the time. I then forget after a while just how tedious it is to sit there and polish my nails and it begins to look like a good idea to give something new a go.

I’ve never been very confident about my hands (sounds ridiculous, I know), I’ve never liked them – my fingers are short and pudgy and they bend in odd directions, but my real dislike towards my hands started after a boy – that I had a crush on at the time, I may add – told me I had fat hands…that’s something that never leaves you.

But I’m a grown up now and know that people don’t like certain parts of themselves for strange reasons – and deep down I know that I am very lucky to have the hands that I do. Apart from the fact they don’t paint nails very steadily – they work well just the same.

So, the above image is of my nails on the left and on the right is where the inspiration for the design came from. Vogue’s The Catwalk Edit ‘Your starter for ten’ Sister by Sibling. Simple but effective and will take no time at all- or so I lead myself to believe.

Just trying to draw circles and lines on my nails with polish – is difficult. Very difficult. I told myself it didn’t need to be perfect more homemade. However it looks more amateur than homemade. Ah well.I gave it a shot and I cannot be arsed to sit for another few hours re-doing it.

Think I’m going to stick with this look for a while though, so I will be trying it again soon and working on getting the design a bit neater.

Anyone have any tips for easily doing lines on your nails? It’d be much appreciated.

Bet you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I have a BTEC National Diploma in Beauty Therapy would you – oh yeah, I learnt professionally how to paint nails. An education well spent…


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