There’s so much I want to say about this but I’m cautious of ruining it for others. So I’ll keep it brief.

If you haven’t heard about Serial, it’s a podcast which tells the (real) story of Hae Min Lee a teenager who disappeared one day in 1999 and turned up dead a few weeks later. A couple more weeks later and Hae’s ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed is arrested for her murder. Sixteen years later and Adnan is still protesting his innocence.

Sarah Koenig, the host of the podcast, has been drafted in (I’m not sure where from…I must have missed that bit) to turn Adnan’s case upside down to get to the truth – one way or the other. The case turns out to be so much more complicated than the initial investigation portrayed it to be – with many holes creating even more questions. Evidence and witnesses that were ignored in the original case are sought out – all these years later. Even as Sarah’s account of her own investigation is relayed to us – she is provided with more evidence and witness accounts that continue to sway her (and our) opinion.

I admit, a lot of this went over my head, but it still had me enthralled and dying to skip forward to the end to find out what happens to Adnan. I won’t go into the ending, as I said, I don’t want to spoil it for others – but I will say, I was disappointed. Maybe it’s my naivety but I was expecting something more.

One small thing, it’s not easy to halt listening to an episode half way through to catch up again next time – so I’d say, set aside about an house to be able to listen to a whole episode at a time, just for ease more than anything else.

I never thought I’d sit and listen to a podcast – when/why would I? But laying in the bath one day I wanted to listen to a story. Serial was on the first page of my DoublePod app and couldn’t be arsed to look any further so I gave it a shot. And despite my disappointment with the ending, I’m glad I did.

Have you listened to Serial? What did you think of it? Or are you thinking of giving it a go?

I’m now having to resign myself to listening to podcasts on digital marketing instead (to go with the digital marketing diploma I’m currently studying for) whilst I search for something as gripping as Serial. Any suggestions?


Oh, and you can find even more information that they couldn’t fit into the podcasts here: http://serialpodcast.org



3 thoughts on “Serial – review

  1. I totallly agree!!! I whizzed through this series in 3 days and couldnt wait for the finale and i was so disappointed!! I thought something big would have happened! Completely let down 😦

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