We all have them. Granted some are slightly more traumatic than others and it’s never nice when it’s US that it’s happening to, but we certainly couldn’t have the hilarious ITV programme ‘You’ve Been Framed’ without these little mishaps.

My story – I can see now – is hardly anything at all, but at the time I just wanted the ground to swallow me up and to never be seen again! I was at a conference for work. I had managed to go the entire day without making a fool of myself in any way, shape or form…until I got up to leave.

The guy talking at the front of the room wouldn’t shut up and it didn’t look like he was going to anytime soon either. He’d run over his time and I had to go. The door to leave was right at the other side of the room to where I was – meaning I would have to walk through everyone just to reach the door. I was fine with this but my colleague pointed out a door that was right next to me and said to go through there. Great idea! I thought, then I won’t disturb anyone. I turned the handle and pushed open the door, it was a little stiff at first but I gave it a shove…then…CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked up to see I had entered a kitchen and god knows what had fallen as I quickly shut the door again and headed the original way I was going to leave.

When I turned around I realised that the room had fallen silent and every single person in the room was faced directly at me. It was like a Bridget Jones’ moment. All I could do was smile as my colleagues laughed at me and the rest of the room stared and say ‘Whoops, I won’t be going that way’ then walk through the entire room of people to the proper exit.

It was a mortifying experience at the time but one that I can laugh about now and know that it doesn’t matter in the slightest. Apart from a bit of teasing from my colleagues every now and again – I’ve recovered.

It’s not the first embarrassing experience I’ve had and I know it won’t be the last. The same goes for you too – unless you’re some super confident machine that never get’s touched by embarrassing situations or even realise when you’re in one – you’re going to have them happen in your future. But we can survive! And here’s how:

  • Smile about it.
  • Don’t blame yourself.
  • Laugh along with the people who tease you. If they think you don’t care about it anymore they won’t bother to tease you about it. Otherwise they’d just look petty.

It’s only a minute of your life – there may be with some ribbing involved after but experiences like these ultimately make you a more interesting person as it gives you another story to tell. Go forth and embarrass yourself – it’s character building!


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