I have a question to all vloggers. Has vlogging helped you in any way?

As you’ve probably guessed, I am thinking of adding some sort of video element to my blogs – not all of them as I do love writing, but some people prefer to watch or listen to what someone has to say rather than read it and perhaps a video or two would help to change it up a bit for me too.

I also think that having a stab at it might help me in other ways. Maybe it would help with my confidence, with presentation skills and perhaps even with conversation skills.

Another of the big questions I have around vlogging is whether anyone has found it has helped them with their career at all? I wonder if putting about your vlog on your CV is what got an employer impressed with you?

This is only a short post as I am really hoping to get some opinions from people on both sides of the fence. Do you video? Why do you not video? In what ways has vlogging helped you? Do you dislike vlogs? Where do you get your ideas for your videos? How do you keep your motivation for vlogging?

Anything you want to tell me about vlogging would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance!!


22 thoughts on “Vlogging – Opinions wanted

  1. Being new to the blogging world, I wasn’t sure what vlogging was but you explained it well. I will say that I think it would definitely be a great tool to build confidence for public speaking …

    • Not a nice word, I know, but unfortunately looks like it’s here to stay. Can’t beat them, join them. I agree I think it would do my overall confidence some good if I give it a go. Will just have to figure out what I want to speak about instead of write about now, I guess. Thank you so much for your input! x

  2. I don’t video. My time is limited and if I video I would never write any blogs. I just like to keep it simple and fun. Just type a thought I have and a picture or two at the most.

    Similarly I don’t have time to look at videos. I go by the motto that a word is worth a thousand videos or pictures.

    I think blogging should be fun and I think it can help you with your writing, presentation and social skills. However, for most of us, I don’t see it as a tool for career enhancement.

    Hope this helps. Keep up your thoughtful blogging.

  3. I don’t look/ listen to many videos on other blogs as I mainly read when waiting for kids to fall asleep. The surprising and strange noise typically doesn’t help in getting asleep 😉

  4. I think videos add whole new dimension to blogs, if they are personal. As in your are doing a video of yourself, and not just copy pasting random youtube videos around here. So as far as my opinion goes- definitely a thumbs up for vlogging! Moreover, we communicate more with a 50 second video ( as we have expressions supporting our words ) than a 500 page Harry Potter book!

    If someone doesn’t like to watch video, he/she can of course, read the paragraph that follows ( which should contain the theme of what you said in video, if not the exact same thing )..

  5. I have been thinking about doing the same thing for a while. I think it adds a great dimension to a blog and especially in this age when people are reading less and less it could open your blog up to so many new subscribers, Of course those who do still like to read still have that option.

    • Oh I agree, super awkward, I find just getting my phone out to take a photo sometimes bad enough. But I’ll have to man up (I hate that expression) if I want to give it a go! Thanks for your thoughts x

    • I’ll try to make sure mine are quick and not repetitive…as long as I can come up with a good idea for one. Don’t want to do it for the sake of it if no one will enjoy it anyway x

  6. I vlog mostly to get things off my chest, to vent or to just ask questions.

    Also i now vlog my vinyl record collection to youtube as there is a big ‘Vinyl Community’ there, i hope that i can introduce people to my collection and maybe they’ll see something they like and visa-versa.

    It hasn’t helped me with work at all as i’ve done security for the last ten years, in fact a vlog got me fired back in Dec – 2010.

    For me, vlogging is just another form of social networking, looking for like minded people and sharing opinions. On a site called Vloggerheads i have over 1000 vlogs. I’ve been doing it for some time now, since 2008.

    • Woah that is a lot. Good on you for keeping it up and even with having a bad experience too! I suppose that is something to be wary of – what seems like a good idea at the time for a vlog or blog but may come back to bite you later on. Thank you for your input! x

  7. I had been thinking the same as you about vlogging. Indeed it could be a full video with some interesting transcriptions of the most important things you said.
    Something even more interesting would be the Vlog of your discussing or video talking about some topic with another blogger. Something short and catchy while adding some interesting transcriptions.
    Unlike blogging which regards writing skills and capting attention with words vlogging maybe be more of your body language and image. Your looks and your charm matters there almost the same as what you offer as the content.
    I think anything you feel like doing must be done 🙂

    • I agree, the content is important or what is the point of doing it. Think that’s now the issue I’m having and will continue to have – can I make a video interesting? God knows! Thanks for taking the time to tell me your thoughts x

      • Well my personal advise is to just to be a little bit of a poser without losing your essence and dont lose confidence in those first silent gaps until you build momentum in your speech.
        Anything can be started with a decision and anything you start off can be mastered with practice. I would like to see your vlog.

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