Cutting it close is somewhat of an understatement. I ordered my new skirt weeks ago – meaning there should have been plenty of time for it to arrive and for me to not have to panic about finding a new outfit for Christmas Day.

It has long been a tradition of mine to buy an outfit specially for Christmas Day, however the past year or two I haven’t – to save money instead. But this year I wanted to get something special again.

I had the image in my mind of an apricot tulle flowy skirt to go with a sparkly green jumper…that I have had for so long now it can probably be classed as vintage – but I still love it.

I searched high and low for the perfect one, you know when you have a picture in your mind but you just can’t find anything to match it – that was my dilemma with finding this skirt. ASOS, Matalan, Zara, John Lewis, House of Fraser, eBay…the list can go on – I searched for weeks and couldn’t find anything suitable. Then in the most unlikely of places, Amazon, I found it. The perfect skirt! For something like £8. £8!

Like I said, it was cutting it fine with the delivery though, it only came today after ordering it weeks ago. I had even gone out to the shops again to try and find a whole new outfit in case it didn’t turn up at all, but I couldn’t find anything I liked. God knows what was wrong with me. Normally I’m having to put stuff back as I can’t afford it all.

However it came and I am so pleased with it. I did have to chop a lot of the skirt off for it to suit me personally, but with that material it really doesn’t matter. You can chop away at it and it still looks fine.

At least I am sorted for the big day tomorrow. Just now waiting on my New Year’s outfit to arrive…

Merry Christmas everyone, have a good one! x


7 thoughts on “My Christmas Day Outfit

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking what you found there regarding my advice to read. In kind, I decided to read one of your own.
    Like the previous person, I too think you look beautiful and why not have some fun and dress in something that makes you feel as beautiful as you look? Well done. Gorgeous!

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