Gosh, I seem to have watched  a lot of films last month. Perhaps that’s why I’m running out of time for everything else – too much film watching. Although in my defence I do do other stuff at the same time, you will recall my earlier note in one my blogs about multi-tasking/multi-failing.

Anyway, here are the films I have seen this month.

  • The Pirates of the Caribbean the curse of the black pearl – A good start to a trilogy (the ones that matter) of compelling films.



  • The Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest – Yep, keep going with this trilogy.



  • The Family – Great for those who don’t like too much gore in their gangster films.



  • Mamma Mia – Would watch this over Grease time and again. I love a good sing along!



  • Twister – Great 90’s classic without too much of the cheese.



  • Open Season – A sweet Saturday afternoon film for the family.



  • What Maisie Knew – I really liked this. No idea why, it’s a simple yet complex film – brilliant. (If you watch it you’ll see what I mean.)



  • Robocop – A good Saturday night action film.



  • Brave – Funny and heart warming, everything a good Disney film should be.



  • Freaky Friday – A remake of a classic. Nicely done.



  • Meet the Robinsons – Didn’t even finish watching this – terrible.



  • The Holiday – I love this film. I’ve seen it so many times and it still makes me laugh and cry.



  • Uncle Buck – John Candy is hilarious, as are the kids in this. Don’t watch the made for TV version though – watch the full version (with the swears), so funny!




Best of those I would, of course, have to say The Holiday, but there’s a few I’d say to give a go in there. No where near as many Christmas films as I thought there’d be… December is a whole other ball game!


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