Now it’s officially December I can start getting (outwardly) excited about the beginning of Christmas!! Inwardly, I have been excited for a little while…

This is a vast improvement on what I used to be like about this jolly season.
Christmas always started early in my house growing up. Nothing to do with my parents, they weren’t particularly bothered about this time of year but, my sisters and I would watch Christmas films in the summer!

Father Christmas’, ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’, ‘The Snowman’, ‘Home Alone’, these are just a few of the videos we would haul out at the beginning of the end of school term.
The summer holidays, to us, being just a build up to the coming winter extravaganza (ignoring autumn). We would watch festive films; listen to Christmas music; do Christmas crafts; and plan our toy lists, how we were going to decorate our rooms and what we were going to buy for presents.
It would drive our parents mad, having the ‘Muppet Christmas Carol‘ VHS playing day after day from July to December every year for at least eight years…thinking about it now, it must have been a twilight-zone type nightmare for them.


I don’t think any of us watch Christmas films in the summer anymore…well, apart from I may have watched ‘The Holiday‘ a few months ago…and then again last week – so shoot me. But general Christmas proceedings do not start until December now. My husband makes sure of that. We can start thinking about what to buy people in November, but that’s it. Anything else Christmassy before mid December, I must do alone, and fair enough.
I haven’t actually got much planned in the way of crafts this year. I’ve usually got some project, which I never quite complete in time, on the go over Christmas, but nothing really this year. I just don’t have the time. Who does though, eh?

I will be making some variation on mince pies this year – not sure what the variation will be yet – but that’s just part of them fun!

Next weekend I should be able to start putting the decorations up, although I do count my home-made advent calendar as a decoration – and that’s up. I think I may as well just put up the rest of the stuff, but Dan doesn’t agree. The first weekend of December therefore is when we will put the rest up.

But now it’s December, I can officially begin with the festivities. This means, CHRISTMAS FILMS! I would say,’and lots of them’, but I don’t think I’ll get time to watch many. So, I must choose wisely for the most worthy of my collection.

Look out for my post on my top 10 Christmas films for the festive season. That’ll be a cracker!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


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