I can’t stress this enough, my blog is about whatever I am currently into.

You can actually see my tastes changing as you scroll through my previous blogs as I develop and try new things. That’s why my blogs range from self-help to fashion, crafts to cooking, reviews to days out and beyond – as I am influenced by the world around me.

At the moment my time is limited and I find myself having to do numerous things at the same time (read as ‘multi-tasking’, also read as ‘multi-failing’) – just to get the important things done. So the spare moments I do get to do things other than work, study and general chores, they have to be quick and beneficial in some way.

That is where reading comes in. I’ve been gradually getting back into reading books recently, gaining speed and language skills by reading through them and finding a real joy in being able to pick up a book and slip into someone else’s world for a few uninterrupted moments.

My question: The real deal or the space saver?

Obviously I am asking about whether you prefer holding a physical book or a Kindle (or some other book reading technological implement…).

For me I feel they both have a place.

Sometimes I like nothing more than curling up on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and a good physical book; and sometimes I prefer the ease of my Kindle, with not having to get cramp in my hands from holding open the pages.

When I used to commute for work my Kindle came in handy. It’s compact, I could choose what book I wanted to read dependent on my mood, and downloading a new book, on a whim, was simple. But, when I went on my sunny holiday, I couldn’t see the bloody screen! This problem can be counteracted by using the Paperwhite versions but I didn’t have one on me – so I couldn’t relax and lose myself in reading – unless I stayed in my room. Rubbish.

For many the lightweight library of the Kindle could never beat the feeling you get from holding a good book. The sound of the pages turning, the smell of the paper (don’t give me that, you know what I’m talking about), and the fact – as long as you have a light source – you can pick it up and read it without the worry of the battery getting low.

So tell me, in your eyes, what’s better?

As the digital age consumes more of our ‘physical’ activities and all things print are becoming less popular, it is very likely that one day real books will be things you find only in museums. Not in our lifetime perhaps but one day. As kids grow up in more and more of a virtual world with mobiles, computers, tablets and all other forms of technology providing them with everything but food (although technically you can do your food shop online and have it delivered) and shelter, why would they want to sit and hold a book open with their actual hand when they can have a book on screen, prop it up, and do something else with their hands.

One day there won’t be a call for real books. Perhaps we should make the most of these whilst we have them.


4 thoughts on “The real deal or the space saver?

  1. I can’t believe there wouldn’t be books one day! To me, books are still the real deal and provide a far better atmosphere for reading than computers or Ipads. My kids are so going to think I got stuck in the Medieval age… 😉

    • I hope it’s not true – after all the expression ‘a real page turner’ was made for books and doesn’t have quite the same affect with a book reader. But I suppose to an extent it can’t be true, there should always be some sort of call for the real thing.

  2. I bought Nooks for my husband, my daughter and myself a few Christmases ago. They’ve taken to theirs like fish to water. Mine sits in its box in a cupboard somewhere. Books, on the other hand, are taking over my house. Well…at least my living room. In our upcoming remodel I plan to incorporate a small library in an alcove off the master bedroom. It’ll be my reading…NOOK.

    • Nooks, I forgot about those, so many different ways of reading without the need of picking up a book. A remodel plan, sounds like a great project, especially if you get a library out of it! When I have a house with a loft, I hope to convert it into a cinema/library. Wishful thoughts. x

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