In my mind there is a perfect advent calendar that I want. I haven’t seen it anywhere, it’s one that I have been imagining for a good few years, but haven’t been able to produce it myself.

I have an image of 24 small, hand-knitted and numbered, Christmas jumpers hanging on a ‘washing line’ all with scrummy chocolates inside. That’s the advent calendar I want to make. But without being able to knit (crocheting didn’t work out for me either) and without spending ridiculous amounts on 24 barbie jumpers, I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon.

Last year I decided that I did still want to have a special advent calendar though, one that I had made and could be proud of, even if it wasn’t the advent calendar of my dreams. As I said, I can’t knit or crochet so It wouldn’t be the cute little jumpers on a washing line, I’m not handy in wood work so I couldn’t make anything elaborate with drawers; but what I am good with is paper.

Who isn’t though eh?

Envelopes on string it was! I made 24 Christmas envelopes out of brown paper, a red marker pen and an old tape measure, simple but effective. And they held the chocolate coins I put in them, expertly.


I did mean to buy a large frame this year in which to string the envelopes up, but…well, I haven’t yet and I probably won’t. They looked fine strung across the large canvas I have in my living room last year anyway, so this is likely to be where they will live again this year.

I am quite excited at the thought of digging them out and filling the envelopes with chocolate again, counting down the days of Christmas. I know they’re not perfect but they’re homemade. And who wants perfection anyway?

Let the Christmas countdown begin! You know…soon.


3 thoughts on “My Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

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