Most of the things that I am currently doing are for the purpose of benefiting my future self.

And it is reminding myself of this fact that will hopefully keep me motivated and not slack off too much.

So what is it that I am doing that will help future me?

  • Meditation – Keeping my mind at a steady pace is what I am striving for. To ‘be present’ in the moment and not lost in thought about what happened earlier or what I’m dreading tomorrow, or getting stressed about the unknown; the list goes on but you get the idea. I’m working towards being able to just ‘be’ and get on with things as they come at me.
  • Qualifications –  I’ve had my break getting into the creative world of work and am gaining valuable experience everyday. But to be able to project myself to the next level in my career – I now need the qualifications to back up the experience. Therefore I’ve just started a Diploma course, alongside my day job, which will do just this! But staying motivated to go home every day after a hard day’s work and knuckle down for study – is a bigger test than I thought it would be.
  • Healthy eating – Unhealthy eating is a slippery slope for me. I am one of those that just has to look at a bar of chocolate for my thighs to pile on the pounds. So the times that I give up with the healthy eating and think that I don’t care if I put on weight – I then realise ‘Oh yeah I do care’ and have to diet. If I can keep up with eating well, then my future self won’t have to suffer with diets from the cakes I eat today. Well that’s the intention anyway.

As you can see future me will be a calm picture of success…and skinny. I just have to stick with it…

All of these require time, effort, inspiration and enthusiasm and if doing these to improve my own future doesn’t keep me at it – then f*ck knows what will.

I’ve not had some crazy life-changing experience that’s kick started this reaction, it’s just the right time for me.

If you’re taking a look in the mirror (metaphorically speaking…well, or literally, I suppose…) and aren’t liking what’s looking back at you, perhaps it’s time to for you to make a few changes too. Mind, body and soul.


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