The Lake District, to me, is one of the most beautiful places in the world.


I know I may not have seen too much of the rest of the world to fairly compare it but for me the hills, the lakes, the colours and the feeling of freedom that flows throughout the Cumbrian county, is special.

Lakes-6 Lakes-4 Lakes-3 Lakes-2 Blue-sky Walks Wastwater

I am lucky enough to visit the area on the annual Tiller family Autumn get away, and look forward to this trip every year! It’s a chance for the family to catch up and enjoy some beautiful views together – yes an evening game of Uno usually ends with fisty-cuffs (that may be an exaggeration but only slight), but it’s cherished time that we get to spend together.

House-4 House-2 House House-3

We never stay in the same cottage twice (although this may change next year…) which means we never know what we’re going to find when we get there! The level of creepiness, sleeping arrangements, entertainment value, what views the cottage has, and whether there will be a fireplace or a log burner. Either of the last two are essential after a long walk out in the cold. Personally I prefer a real fireplace but these seem to be a dying breed in favour of log burners – shame.

Lakes-17 Rain Lakes-19 Lakes-18 Lakes-13 Lakes-12 Lakes-5

The rain this year was immense. Yes we expect to see rain in The Lake District, that’s why we pack mainly waterproofs but this year was nothing like what we have seen previously on our trips. The first year we went the weather was perfect. It was cold but bright, every year since then the weather has been getting steadily worse. It was so wet that we had to buy new waterproofs, we then had to take them back as these were not waterproof enough either. Walking in boots that provide you with your own personalised puddle, takes a bit of the fun out of the adventure.

Lakes-15 Lakes-9 Lakes-7 Lakes-16

This did not, however, spoil the holiday. Oh no. I would still rather be walking in my puddle water than doing my everyday jobs, but all good things must come to an end as they say.

Wordsworth Waterfall Puzzle Lakes-14 Lakes-10 Cartmel Cartmel-3 Cartmel-2

I am determined to one day live in The Lake District, in my own little cottage from where I can wander the fells as often as I choose. But until I can do that, I’ll just have to look forward to visiting it in the annual Tiller Autumn get away.

Till next year Lake District, till next year.




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