October has been another busy month not leaving much time for film watching but I managed to squeeze a few in, and here they are:

  • The Dictator – Quite funny but was surprised to find it was a fully scripted film and not more of a documentary like  like Borat.



  • The Wolf of Wall Street – Great film, not one to watch with your parents, and it’s long – prepare yourself with snacks.



  • Kung Fu Panda 2 – Does what it says on the tin, it’s just Kung Fu Panda with a 2 slapped on the end.



  • The Kids are All Right – Meh. Maybe have it on in the background of whatever else you’re doing, otherwise don’t bother.



  • Monster House – Our Halloween choice. Funny, good amount of scare for a kid’s films. Worth a watch.



Out of that lot I would definitely recommend The Wolf of Wall Street and Monster House. Next month don’t be surprised if you see a couple of Christmas films sneaking in to the list…




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