I was at Ascot Racecourse the other day, unfortunately not to watch any racing but for work, at a careers event to be precise.

Being able to go behind the scenes and into areas that only people with SERIOUS MONEY can normally venture into, was not what I expected for my day.

Ascot Racecourse is an impressive building and one that I have been to exactly three times, not one of them for racing.

The first time was to go to the annual firework display, which to be honest was quite disappointing and the crowd were actually watching Lego Land’s fireworks that were going on at the same time further away! The second was to go to the first open air cinema event (I saw Back to the Future!!!)- which was great. The event was completely sold out this year though so I couldn’t go again, which was a big shame. And the third was for work…and I actually had a great time!

Yes it was a hard day, but there was something about it all that made it a really enjoyable day – maybe it was just a break from the norm but it was definitely made even better by one man, George Salter.

This is George Salter, and what a diamond he is.

This is George Salter, and what a diamond he is.


If you ever get to go to Ascot – seek out George. He works there, I’m not really sure as what – a steward perhaps – but he offered to take me and a couple of my colleagues on a tour of the place when we had a few moments spare; and of course – we took him up on this.

The passion and pride he has for that place is astounding. You can tell that it isn’t really a job for him and he’d probably gladly do it for free. He took us up and around the different levels showing us the different ‘boxes’ you can hire in which to watch the racing – but wouldn’t divulge the pricing structure for fear of upsetting us.

I did almost get lost and left behind a couple of times whilst I was taking my photos but I didn’t and everything worked out fine. So here we are, enjoy!

Ascot-2 Ascot-3 Ascot-4 Ascot-5 Ascot-6 Ascot-7 Ascot-8 Ascot-Caviar-2 Ascot-CaviarAscot-9Ascot-10


I have missed off a lot of the photos that I took, as…well, they just weren’t very good. I didn’t want to offend your eyes too much with my desperately amateur offerings. I took these photos on my new phone and am still struggling to take a good picture on it – but I will keep going and hopefully improve!

But back to Ascot Racecourse; it really is an impressive place, if you’re ever in the area – take a look. And I look forward to one day going there to see some actual racing and perhaps sample ‘how the other half live’ with a four-course meal in an executive box (you never know..).


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