I get a triumphant feeling when I can tick off points from my Bucket List; it reminds me that I have the power to do what I want and that I am getting the chance to do the things I desire.

So when I come close to being able to tick another point off – then have the chance taken away from me by a matter so trivial, it really upsets me.

For a long time I have been saving up to buy my very first Burberry trench coat. I have been putting a little money away each month to be able to treat myself to this one big purchase that I have wanted for so long.

The day came that I had finally saved up enough and so Dan and I put a date in the diary in which we would take a special trip to Bicester Shopping Village to visit the Burberry outlet store there.

Excited is not the word for what I was feeling!

We got up super early to get ready and make the drive there in time for the shop opening (any later and you have to queue to get in – who can be bothered with that?!).

The drive was good, we were hoping to get there even earlier so we could have some breakfast before our big shopping trip but we only just arrived as Burberry’s doors were opening, however we were the first in – which honestly felt special in itself. Sad, I know.

I found the trench coats but couldn’t find one in my size. An assistant came over to see if they could help us – and my god – they couldn’t have done any more!

He brought me coat after coat but none were right. I felt like Goldilocks only without the satisfying result of finding the ‘just right’ baby bear’s stuff.

I was looking for the honey coloured medium length small trench coat. They had everything but!

I am annoyed at myself for not taking photos whilst I was trying on all these so you could see them all – but it just didn’t occur to me at the time.

They were either too long (I’m only petite, you know), too short (who wants a waist length trench?), too big (only 12s and up – I need 8 or smaller), or not the right colour (it’s honey or nothing).

So I left Burberry empty handed and very sad. Very sad.

After saving up for such a long time, putting the date in diary and making the trip only to be scuppered by Burberry themselves not having anything in stock – was incredibly disappointing. I know I can go back again another day but that is not the point.

As I said, ticking off the points on my list means that I have the power to do what I want and that I am getting the chance to do the things I desire – this just shows me that that’s not the case. You can plan everything but life.

This was just a coat, how on earth am I going to make sure I get to tick off the bigger ones?



What from your Bucket List have you come so close to achieving but not quite made it?


One thought on “Ticking off the Bucket List – so near, yet so far…

  1. congrats!! that sounds like so much fun. i hope you post some pictures of it sometimes! i don’t have a bucket list – i live life by the moment ❤

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