Next May I have the honour of being a bridesmaid for two of my very dear friends, who are tying the knot…together (just to be clear). I already know their special day will be one to remember and it’s one that I am so looking forward to!

A couple of weeks ago (sorry for the delay in my post about it but…well, read this) the three of us bridesmaids, and the bride (obvs), all went shopping to look for our dresses for the big day.

The shopping trip – there’s no denying it – was long, but my god it was fun!

We had food, good company and were trying on dresses, what’s not to love?

The theme for the BIG day is navy blue, so we were trying our best to find good contenders to fit with the colour scheme – but who says you can’t have a bit of fun and stupidity along the way?

We challenged each other to find the most outrageous dresses we could and try them on. Well, why not?

Here is just a small collection of the mountainous amount of dresses that we tried on throughout the day – our favourites being the S Club 7 tribute, the Supremes tribute and Virgin Airways dresses – you can guess for yourselves which are which.

BD-white BD-Sparkle BD-Sparkle-2  BD-LimeBD-red  BD-Evil BD-BlueBD-Gold

None of these were the winner for the actual bridesmaid dress but the way – one came close – but it couldn’t compete with the winner. And that is being kept under wraps for the wedding day!

If you are going bridesmaid dress shopping soon – be sure to try this out – as well as the serious stuff, break the day up a bit with finding the most horrendous dresses you can and trying them on. Then for an added extra, send a couple of photos of the worst ones to the groom and convince him that that’s what you’re going for – and see him panic for a change! Priceless.


4 thoughts on “Bridesmaid dress shopping

  1. Here’s a poem I wrote when my youngest daughter married a few years ago. (I’m not saying it’s relevant, or anything.)

    Oh to be a bridesmaid now that summer’s here
    Even though the photographs will mostly show my rear
    We’ll paint our nails and paint our toes and practise with our hair
    And talk for hours and hours about what the men should wear.

    We’ll search through all the wedding sites that Google finds for us
    Look, this dress comes with matching shoes, surely that’s a plus
    Or look at this, that’s very nice, I’m sure that lace is finer
    That might suit me, but wait a sec. God! No! It’s made in China

    We’ve got our spreadsheet all laid out with every minute planned
    But the six hours between ten and twelve? I can not understand!
    The schedule’s tight. We need a drink! We’re feeling really stressed
    The wedding car’s been waiting hours! But. Phew! At last! The bride is dressed!

    I’m sure you’ll all look lovely.

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