Priorities. We all have to juggle them. And knowing which ones to keep up in the air and which ones to drop can be a tough decision.

They can depend on so many different things as to how important they are, and ones that may have been essential a few months ago, may not be a relevant anymore.

When I started my blog I was determined to post every day. Not something half-arsed just to get something up – but real thought out blog posts – each day. This lasted for a while but the strain of doing things in my spare time and then trying to write about doing these things whilst still trying to live my normal life with work, my social life, upkeep of the household chores and still find the time for sleep, began to show and I hadn’t left any down time for me to just be. I was burning myself out for the sake of what?

I decided to cut back a bit on my blog to putting up a new post every two days which helped me, and my mental state, a lot. I wasn’t having to stay up till stupid o’clock writing and beating myself up for not being strong enough to cope with it all.

And I have now taken the decision to cut this back further again.

As I said, priorities need constant re-evaluation, and for me to move on with the next stage of my life – I need to find some more time from somewhere. And since work, social life and household upkeep have to stay high up on my list of priorities; it’s my blog that I have to back on. But I am not beating myself up for it and berating myself for not being strong enough – as I know it’s for the best, that is if I want to achieve more in my life!

To get further in my career, I need to prove myself and get more qualifications. I work full-time so the only way to do this is to do evening classes and distance learning, which all will obviously take from my spare time. Dan and I are also in the process of house-hunting which has been taking up a lot of time already and we’re not even close to finding a house yet! So, doing all my usual stuff, plus blogging  every other day, plus homework, plus courses, plus house hunting stuff – feels like a path of self-destruction. One which I will not be going down unarmed.

So with this in mind, I still want to do my blogging – as I really love it! – but I will aim for one post a week – more if I find the time. Other aspects of my life may have to be cut down on too whilst I’m studying (hobbies and social life), but as long as it gets me on the right path for my future, then I will know that I would’ve made the right choices and prioritised well.


So tell me, have you recently found yourself having to reprioritise the things you do? How do you juggle your everyday life with everything else that goes on and the things you want to do?


2 thoughts on “A little less for a while

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