In my parents’ house growing up, there would be Elvis on the record player, Wet, Wet, Wet in the cassette player and Motown Greatest Hits in the CD player.

But generally there wasn’t a whole lot of music played in the house, apart from the select few that my mum and dad took a particular liking to (see prior list!).

We were more of a TV/Film watching family. Meaning that the songs and music I grew up with were usually ones that I’d heard through programmes and movies. A few of the big influences for music in my life were the songs from films such as Dirty Dancing, Ghost and A Muppet Christmas Carol (yes, really).

I remember the first song that I ever bought for myself was Celine Dion’s ‘My heart will go on’. And, honestly, my collection didn’t grow much bigger until I hit 14. This is when I made a set of new friends who were all into varying forms of rock and pop punk. This pleased my older sister no end as she’d been into this sort of music ‘for ages’ – which also turned out well for me as I could borrow her CDs and quiz her for who I should be listening to – you know, so I could look like I knew what I was talking about with my new friends.

My older sister then took me to my first gig, Foo Fighters.This must be about 13 years ago now, but I still remember it being a fantastic night!

As my knowledge of my ‘favourite’ music grew, I genuinely began to love it. And refused to listen to anything that ‘wasn’t made by real instruments – you can’t be in a band if you don’t play real instruments’ (a massive part of me is so glad I’m not a teenager anymore!!).

My favourites being Blink 182, Sum 41, Reel Big Fish and New Found Glory (I remember once being at home on my own and listening to NFG, the CD had ran out but I was busy with school work to do anything about it – I was deep in concentration when suddenly a whispering voice came out of the speakers “someone’s in your house – someone’s in your house” – I’ve always been a nervy person, and this freaked THE HELL out of me!).

After my first gig experience with my sister, I was hooked. I would go with my friends to any that we could afford to go to – I still have the pile of stubs from the concerts in a box somewhere…The smaller the venue the better as you could really get up close with action on stage – the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth was the best venue for this.

And it was actually at a Sugarcult gig that Dan and I met!

For a long time afterwards we still went to concerts, but over time they have become much more expensive; I no longer enjoy the crowded atmosphere (getting covered in beer and teenager sweat – no thanks!); and my tastes have changed musically (although I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Blink, Sum, NFG and perhaps a couple of others).

I have no time for caring about who I should be listening to. Nowadays, if I hear something and like it – that’s usually as far as it goes, I don’t even try to find out who it is anymore as I have so many CDs still in their wrappers and I’m not even bothered that they’re not easily accessible on my iPhone.

The only times I listen to music is in the morning (Radio 2 of, course – Radio 1 presenters are just people my age trying to be teenagers still – I can’t be bothered with that), and when I have a bath; and that is usually the sound track to ‘Whip It’ – there are some great tunes on this – they work well for a fun bath time and for if I need a bit of something to keep me going when I’m running.

Dan still dips in and out of music, occasionally playing me something new which he thinks I might like, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

I feel as though I have gone full circle with my love of music, from not being bothered to being consumed by it right back around to not being bothered again.

Play me a classic track in the car and I will sing till my voice breaks – make me sit down and listen to a whole CD at home, and I will find anything else to do.

Who knows, give it a few more years and I may be all about music again…but I doubt it.


So tell me, what does music mean to you?


3 thoughts on “Where has my love of music gone?

  1. Growing up the only time we played music was in the car but it was always an eclectic mix and we always drove the long way around, as my brothers and I grew up music became more important to us all, one brother in a band and one a manager and a&r man, my mum took a job with a lot of young people and as the years have gone by music is so much more important to us all , in our house we have music on all the time and my kids have wide ranging tastes and hopefully like I do lots of great memories,
    Great blog and thanks for the like on mine 🙂

  2. i never stopped listening, however the industry today is a industry and yet the music is secondary. alot of brandingand not the same rush as it once was. i understand what you were asking. digging your blog and vibe

    • Since writing this one I’ve been listening to the two Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack albums on Spotify. A lot. They do a good job of inspiring me to seize the day. Which is what I think good music should do; inspire. Thanks for stopping by x

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