I flew the nest just after I turned 20, and moved in with my (then) boyfriend, Dan.

We’d both lived in the Southampton area all our lives but took the big decision to move to a new town in which to make our new lives.

Our plan was to be two travellers never staying in one place for too long, living all around Britain.

First stop was Bracknell. And it’s where we’ve stayed ever since. Nearing on 8 years now.

We first rented a lovely little one bedroomed flat and lived there for about 18 months – we’d have stayed for longer if it wasn’t for the fact of it getting too small too quickly. We just had too much stuff.

A couple of friends that we had made in the area were looking at buying a new build flat and wanted our opinion on it – so we went with them to have a look, and..well…basically we fell in love with the whole idea ourselves that we ended up buying a two bedroomed flat down the corridor from our friends’ flat!

Our plan for this place was to live there for a year, then rent it out and us move on to somewhere new – an investment.

Well that was 5 years ago and we’re still here.

There are certain things that I love about living in a flat and certain things that neither of us can stand about it either.


  • Living in a big block of flats – you’re less likely to get burgled
  • If something happens and you scream you know someone will hear you and will ring the police

Con’s (oh, where to start?):

  • As a non-smoker, I have to put up with others smoking on their balconies as it drifts into my flat
  • Having to listen to others TV, music, having sex, arguments, children and stomping
  • The worry of something going wrong in another flat which will affect yours (leaks, fire etc)
  • No garden to sit in and enjoy

To be honest, I can’t bothered to name anymore of the faults as it’s getting me down, so we’ll just say that now there seems to be more con’s than pro’s to where we live.

Dan and I have wanted to move into a house for a long time now but for various reasons have had to wait it out. After much discussion and financial meetings we had resigned ourselves to the decision that we couldn’t afford to both buy another house and keep this place as the investment it was intended to be; so we’d stay put for another year or two or three until we could.

That decision was made at the start of the year and within the last few days we have turned full circle and decided that we do want to buy a house and will just sell our flat if we have to.

This prospect has filled me excitement, fear, dread and then some more excitement!

For us, I have always believed that there is no point in moving if it’s not going to better our situation. Unless you have to – what’s the point?

And for us, the next move to better our situation would be: three bedrooms and a garden (preferably south facing), a garage would be nice too if we could squeeze one of those in.

But where we are, if we want a decent three bedroomed place in a nice area, we would have to stump up more cash than we have. Which means it’s very likely that we will have to leave the area we have come to love and know so well.

As a town, Bracknell gets a lot of bad rap, but Dan and I have found it to be a great place to live and one that we would be sad to leave. But if we can no longer get from it what we need, then sacrifices have to be made.

So we will be looking outside of our new home town and, who knows, maybe coming to a town near you..!

The hunt is on!


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