I’m not even sure if there is anything really wrong with having real rice (if anyone would like to enlighten me, feel free), all I know is that substituting real rice for cauliflower rice – is an easy way of getting another vegetable into me.

And it is incredibly easy to prepare too. You must know by now that if say something is easy, then you can be darn tooting sure that it bloody well is simple to do!

Here I’ll prove it:


Cauliflower rice


Serves 2

1 large head of fresh raw cauliflower

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper for seasoning (optional)


  • Grate or blitz the cauliflower in a food processor (doesn’t work too well in a blender though – trust me I’ve tried it!!)
  • Put the oil into the pan as it heats up
  • Add the blitzed or grated cauliflower into the frying pan, season with salt and pepper (optional) and fry for 5 minutes stirring occasionally
  • Serve


That’s it. Well, obviously that’s it for the rice part of your dish. Have it with curry, chill, mexican dishes – whatever you’d normally have rice with – just replace it with the cauliflower rice – and I promise you you won’t really tell the difference, at least you definitely won’t feel like your dish is missing anything for not having real rice.

Even if you’re not a great lover of cauliflower – both I and Dan are two such people – this changes the consistency, texture and taste of the cauliflower – making it a joy to eat.

Go on, give it try – an easy one of your five a day!


One thought on “Cauliflower rice – substitute for real rice

  1. Such a simple substitute. Nothing wrong with real rice I suppose, but nice to have a change if you’re used to eating it all the time! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to reading more on here. 🙂

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