I am thinking differently about food. Or at least I am giving it a bloody good go.

I think that to some extent we all have a messed up relationship with our food. It’s tough as we need to eat to survive, but the will power to stop at the right time or to cut down on the bad things we eat – isn’t always as strong as the craving to continue eating and to eat the wrong things.

Stress, celebrations, laziness, time constraints, depression, see food – eat food syndrome; any number of factors can be the cause of our bad eating habits. It’s all of the above for me, I comfort eat, eat good (but bad) food on special occasions, reach for the tin of processed-made shop-bought biscuits when I can’t be bothered to make proper food, etc etc.

I am, therefore, trying to kill two birds with one stone with my next venture.

I have decided to adopt the mantra ‘If I want something, I have to make it myself.’ This will go for everything (near enough), whether I want a sausage roll, sweets, a burger, a cake, bread, a fancy dinner – anything.

So I mentioned it was a double venture – this being: I’m not the best cook, meaning I will have to firstly teach myself how to cook – if I ever want to eat anything other than cake and omelette again: and since I know that I probably won’t be bothered to cook very much (back to the laziness point) I’ll only really be able to eat the stuff that I have around the house – which technically should all be good. Well, that’s the plan.

I’m not going to be a complete nazi with this and deny myself all of life’s food luxuries, I’m not that stupid. No, this is mainly to do with the times that I’m at home. If I go out for a meal at a restaurant then I can order what I want off the menu, but if it’s take-away, fast food or Greggs (for example) then no, no, no. Like I said, ‘If I want something, I have to make it’.

I have made three attempts into this so far, one being biscuits, one being bread, and the last being soup. The first two didn’t turn out too badly, the soup – the less said the better – so we’ll skip over that one. The biscuits were great in fact and I’ll be putting up a ‘how I made these’ soon; the bread, whilst edible – was not what I expected.

This is the tutorial I used:


Makes it look easy doesn’t he…! I started this at 8:30am Saturday morning and didn’t have the finished result until around 2:30pm. My mixture didn’t become unsticky in the slightest – it was like glue that was sticking my fingers together, I might as well have just been playing with porridge to be honest with you.

Time was rapidly running out as I needed to be elsewhere that afternoon, so had no choice but to give up and stick it in the oven regardless. Well, I wasn’t going to just throw it all away after my hard work – something was going to be produced whether it turned out like bread or not!

And to my amazement, the bread really wasn’t too bad. It was very foccacia in texture, not a soft white bread at all, once I’d cut into it. And I do have to say, for my very first attempt into bread making, I think it turned out alright.

This was a test roll I made without proving first. Rock solid but a good taste.

This was a test roll I made without proving first. Rock solid but a good taste.

The end bread result - after LOTS of proving...

The end bread result – after LOTS of proving…

I’ve got lots of learning and practising to do in both breadmaking and, well, everything else cooking wise – as generally, anything beyond ‘simple’ is currently too difficult for me; what can I say, it’s just not in my blood.

Has anyone else taken a step like this before? How’d you find it? Did it work for you?

Oh, and feel free to leave me any tips or good recipes for breadmaking or cooking!


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