After seeing a full-blown Christmas tree in Bracknell town square the other day (first few days of Sept) – apart from making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside – it got me thinking about Christmas and everything that goes with it.

Which then got me wondering, when is it OK to start bringing out the Christmas talk?

The Christmas tree in Bracknell town's square in September

The Christmas tree in Bracknell town square in September


Already when you go into any restaurant you will find a sign somewhere telling you to hurry up and book your Christmas party there, and on various websites I seem to have been targeted for ‘Christmas Saving Accounts’, which considering I’ve never used one and am pretty sure I haven’t looked at any either – I’m not sure how I’m being targeted by them. Maybe they just know how much I love Christmas.

Because I do.

When my sisters and I were younger (still in school – got all the holidays off – kind of younger) we used to get overly excited about Christmas. As in, when the Summer holidays began – that was our cue to crack out ‘The Muppets Christmas Carol’ video and make paper snowflakes. We would decorate our Sylvanian Families homes with strings of mini paper chains and glitter attacked pine cones for Christmas trees. Then would be the time to thumb through the Argos catalogue to make up our lists for Santa.

I can’t speak for my sisters but, I’m much better now. Summer doesn’t quite mean Christmas is coming, anymore.

However I do still love Christmas a lot; and although we’re only a few days into it – it is now technically Autumn which I think means I can start to plan a little about my thoughts for Christmas. Possibly. I await the onslaught of outrage at this statement.

I know shops are getting earlier and earlier with pushing their Christmas merchandise but, even to me, putting up a Christmas tree in Bracknell town square in September – may be a bit premature. This is all in jest really as the council have said that it’s a dry run for the real thing in November, but like I said, it got me thinking about our expectations and personal allowances for when we can begin celebrating.

After Dan and I took our trip to Stratford Upon Avon the other week, I wrote about how we’d visited a Christmas shop in the town centre that is there all year round. And it was by no means empty of customers… Surely this means that there is some call for the ‘Christmas spirit’ to be readily available to us throughout the year? Why should we all have to be restricted to only celebrating the season when it is actually the time?

The Christmas shop in Stratford

The Christmas shop in Stratford

Inside the Christmas shop in Stratford

Inside the Christmas shop in Stratford


Christmas makes me happy. I’m not talking about the day itself, that never usually lives up to expectations and involves lots of tiring driving around here, there and everywhere; no, I enjoy the build up.

Planning and making presents for the people I love, watching all the funny and heart warming  festive films, making things like new decorations or hearty foods, writing cards that never get sent, having more of an excuse to spend time with friends and family being ‘merry’, wrapping up in cosy clothes, the list could go on.

Dan, for one, thinks I’m crazy and doesn’t like for me to start the Christmas talk until – earliest – mid November, but definitely no decoration putting up until – earliest – 1st December. So any Christmas excitement before these times has to be kept to myself, which can be difficult, I must say…

I think in some strange way, for me, Christmas is a distraction; a therapy, I can lose myself in it and not have to think about serious things too much. The rest of the year I have to deal with reality, which sucks ass. Feeling happy and content is difficult for me generally so when Christmas comes around I can let go.

I know not everyone feels this way and many believe that Christmas is just for the 25th December (*cough* Dan *cough*), which is fair enough. But the next time you moan at someone for speaking the dreaded C word, think about what it could really mean to them; and don’t go harshing their buzz if they decide to crack out the present planning and mulled wine a little earlier than you’d like.


So, what is the absolute earliest that you don’t mind hearing about the festive time of year?


4 thoughts on “Christmas – when is it too early to celebrate?

  1. I really enjoyed this. It’s got me thinking. For once I’ve got two presents (bought and wrapped) safely in my sock drawer. I don’t care much for the commercial side but I do like the build-up in other ways.

    • Thanks Simon! I saw the tree in the town square again today – it’s even more elaborately decorated than the other day! It’ll be great for the real thing.
      Two gifts already, that’s great! Just don’t do what I’ve done before and forgot where I put them by the time I needed them : )
      Be prepared for as we get more into Autumn, my posts will become gradually more and more Christmas based..!

  2. My birthday is 27 November and I don’t like to think about Christmas until after that. However, I’ve bought a few presents already (spreading the cost!) and we’ve planned to go away for my birthday this year and hit the Christmas markets at the same time – bit excited! 🙂

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