It started with Dan posting a picture of these on twitter:

This is the remnants of a tin of sweets we ordered a long time ago from Japan. And very yummy they were too.

We haven’t ever been there but it is somewhere that we’ve ALMOST got to on a number of occasions; the last being flights, hotel and entertainment booked – then the tsunami hit just before we were meant to fly out.

Sad to say that we haven’t tried again to go, but it’s still on the ‘to go to’ list!

This picture sparked a conversation between Dan and a Japanese person about popular Japanese sweets. It rounded off with the very kind Japanese person saying they would like to send a parcel to us of various and typical Japanese items and sweets.

This is what they sent!


It was filled to the brim with sweets, stickers, cookies, noodles, fans and pens!



Green tea cookies and cheesy rice crackers



Bean buns

Bean buns - haven't tried these yet but they do look good!

Bean buns – haven’t tried these yet but they do look good!



Even the packages stuffing was awesome!


What a great box of randomness to receive – it was like had come early. We’re going to do a ‘typical English’ box back for them – I feel Typhoo and custard creams will feature heavily!


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