It’s not a pretty subject but as my blog is about what’s going on in my life – I felt I should share with you the reason for my absence…

For over a week now I have been battling with; at its worst, sickness and – you know – the other one (I don’t like to say it or write it, but you know what I mean), and at its best, nausea and headaches.

It started last Thursday, the day we left for our Stratford trip (which you can read about once it’s up).

I don’t drive and I’m not in cars very often, so the nauseous feeling I started with, was put down to travel sickness.

It didn’t really go away and I did my best to ignore it as Dan and I were on our mini-break getaway – which I did not want to have compromised. But my appetite was waning (avid readers of my blog will know just how much I love my food and how much pleasure I get from eating!!) and my energy levels were dropping – it was becoming apparent that something was not quite right.

Saturday night I woke up to the craziest itchiness I have ever experienced in my life. My entire body was swollen from an itchy rash that I could not scratch hard enough or fast enough to fight it. That’s when I became – ill – we’ll put it that way.

There’s that moment of bliss after you’ve been sick and you feel completely normal again, thinking you should’ve done it earlier then you’d have been fine so much sooner…then those few moments suddenly disappear and you find yourself curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor holding your stomach thinking you’re never going to feel better again-again.

And although the sickness itself stopped, the nauseous feeling in the pit of stomach has not. Headaches, stomach cramps, dizziness and vertigo have been my tormentors ever since.

Get well soon flowers

My beautiful get-well-soon flowers from my lovely husband who has looked after me this whole time!


I haven’t been able to distract myself with reading or writing or social media or even playing games on my phone, as anything which needs the slightest bit of concentration has amplified the head spinning and stomach churning.

I have apparently caught a virus. Or as the doc put it ‘a nasty virus that’s doing the rounds’. The doc also told me that people are mistaking it for food poisoning; I can totally see why. The only reason I knew it wasn’t food poisoning from the start was because Dan and I have eaten exactly the same things and he’s been fine (so far), so it couldn’t be food poisoning.

Thankfully I do feel as though I am on the mend, however it has taken all of my energy to write this post!

If you are currently going through the same thing or come across it some time soon – don’t jump to conclusions and say it’s food poisoning – as it probably isn’t – it’s just a nasty virus that you WILL get over in about a week and a half. I’ve got a few more days left of it – and at the end of which I will be devouring an entire Victoria sponge cake!

Oh! And don’t forget, drink plenty of fluids! Get well soon.


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