Can’t say that I’ve ever actually fixed my make-up using hair spray but I do know of people who have and hear that it’s not an uncommon occurrence. Dread to think what it does to your pores!

I’ve tended to use a half-and-half mix of cornflour and talc powder (read more about it here) as a finishing powder to keep my make-up in place and oily skin at bay. I still have to touch it up during the day but it lasts, and looks, a lot better than when I don’t use it.

Well, while I was out browsing the make-up aisles, I came across a rather plain bottle. Thinking about it now, I don’t know how it caught my attention – perhaps as it was a bottle and not a normal make-up shaped object that it stood out. Anyway, something urged me to pick it up.

MUA, Pro-Base – Fixing Mist – All Day Long Wear


Now I know these types of things are not new, but to me – they are. I’ve never seen (noticed) anything like this before in the actual shops and haven’t ever thought to look for them – so coming across this product was a pure accident.

It’s a spray bottle that claims to hold your make-up in place for – let’s stress this part – “up-to” 8 hours, through humidity, cold, heat and wind (sadly not rain- we all know that’s the one we really need help with).

I’d say that’s a pretty strong claim. And all for £5? Surely not? But at £5 it’s cheap enough to give it a bash and not be too disappointed if it doesn’t work. Or that was my reasoning anyway.

To use the product, you apply your make-up as normal then spray this stuff over your face (the same as you would with the hairspray technique – I’m guessing) – seems simple enough, right?

Well, yes, it is. I applied my make-up as normal and then after shaking the bottle as instructed – I held it a little way from my face before spraying all over. I put quite a lot on and then was terrified that I’d done it wrong!

It comes out like water so when I looked in the mirror straight after, my face was wet and looked like it would leave a splodgey (did I make that up?) effect – not good just before work!! I held my nerve and left it to dry for a couple of minutes and *phew* my make-up went back to looking as though I’d just applied it. Miracle!

I’d recommend putting your mascara on after you’ve used this stuff though. I accidentally forgot to put mine on in the haste to get on and try out this fixing mist, but with how wet my face was afterwards I’d be worried about what effect it would have on mascara. Better to be safe than sorry, my mum always said.

I will be trialling this over a few days to really try it out. Here we go:

Day 1 –

Weather: Dry and windy

Day’s activity level: Low – sitting at desk

Time make-up on: 7:30am

Time make-up checked: 1pm – Make-up looks pretty good – almost perfect from further away. Touched up with cornflour/talc mix – more out of habit than necessity.

Time past 8 hours: 4:30pm – So far very pleased with this product! I would touch it up with make-up if I were to go out again today but overall I am pleased with how my make-up looks at the 8 hour stage.

Day 2 –

Weather: On/off wet, humid and windy

Day’s activity level: Medium – lots of running around at work in the morning, sitting at desk in the afternoon

Time make-up on: 7:30am

Time make-up checked: 1:10pm – A definite shine on my nose and chin, but I did expect  there to be more with the amount of running around I did. And I’d say that there was still less of a shine than normal. Make-up touched up.

Time past 8 hours: 4:30pm – More make-up movement than from previous day, and a bit of a shine is there, but honestly overall I’m still pleased.

Day 3 –

Weather: Dry

Day’s activity level: Low – sitting at desk

Time make-up on: 7:30am

Time make-up checked: 1pm quite a bit of shine today around nose, chin and tops of cheeks – disappointed due to low level of activity in the morning. Make-up touched up out of necessity

Time past 8 hours: 4:40pm Normal amount of shine I’d say for the end of the day.

Day 4 –

Weather: Dry, cold and windy

Day’s activity level: Med-high – lots of tidying at home and running about town (stress of dentist apt. too)

Time make-up on: 8am

Time make-up checked: 2:30pm Actually not too bad considering the amount of running about. Better than yesterday. I put less of the spray on today too.. Make-up touched up (this happens everyday regardless)

Time past 8 hours: 6:42pm My face feels a bit oily to my hands – but doesn’t look oily in the mirror – I can’t quite explain it – but maybe you know what I mean anyway.


Verdict – 

One thing I didn’t say earlier about this product, once you’ve sprayed it on and it’s dried, you don’t then feel it on your face at all. It doesn’t leave your face feeling like you’ve got an extra layer on or anything like that – once you’ve sprayed and it’s dry, that’s it, you’re likely to forget all about it.

Honestly, at £5 I’d say give it a go for yourself. I don’t feel worried about it blocking my pores with pro-longed use, as it’s such a lightweight feeling product (time will tell I suppose on that front); and I think there is a definite improvement in the amount of shine affecting my make-up during the day.

I will continue to use it for a while at least; and then maybe stop to see if I then notice if my make-up is worse again.


Hopefully that’s been of some use to you! If you have anything you want to ask me about it, feel free.

Have you tried a fixing spray before? Got any favourites?


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