I’m not sure if this next statement is 100% true but as far as I can remember it is. This is the first non-Agatha Christie murder mystery I have read, and I really enjoyed it.

As you know, I love murder mysteries; mainly of the TV series persuasion I grant you, but love them I do. And as I said, I think this is the first one I’ve read that hasn’t been written by the queen of mysteries herself, Agatha Christie, but I can honestly say that I think it has been every bit as good as one of the classics!

If you’re not up to speed with the fact that ‘Robert Galbraith’ is actually J.K.Rowling, 1. where have you been? and 2. seriously, where have you been? This news has been everywhere! And I, like so many others, jumped on the bandwagon and bought the book on hearing this news.

I was fascinated to see what our beloved J.K.Rowling of the Harry Potter series, could do outside of the all-consuming magical world. Yes, I know Jo had ventured out already with ‘The Casual Vacancy’ (which I did also buy, but – honestly – haven’t finished as I couldn’t get into it…) but this one really got me excited to see what all the fuss was about.

In ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ we follow private detective Cormoran Strike as he investigates the apparent suicide of troubled model, Lula Landry.

Now, I should tell you that I’m not a fast reader. In fact it has taken me a little over five months to finish this book as I tend to read for about 5-10 minutes most mornings before work – so you see, I don’t get through stories too quickly. Which means, remembering crucial details that I read three or four months ago, is challenging, but I feel that I was kept in the loop by the handy little reminders, or recaps, that are set throughout the book, for example, when Cormoran explains situations to a new character. Very handy.

Again, I’m going to be completely honest with this and say that as easy to read as I found the story generally – I did have to stop on more than one occasion to read up a word that I had just never come across before. Whether that’s my lacking in language skills or the authors attempt at writing for ‘adults’, either way, it stopped the flow of the story for me and made me feel a little bit inadequate, if truth be told.

But apart from that, I’ve enjoyed the way the story progressed.

I think I’m probably the only person ever that, when reading or watching murder mysteries, doesn’t try to put all the clues together and figure out who the murderer is – as I never get it right anyway; so I just let the story unravel in front of me and enjoy the surprise of the grand reveal at the end. And this one did not disappoint.

I would recommend this as a good detective story and congratulate J.K.Rowling (sorry, Robert Galbraith) on her (sorry, his) first venture into the world of whodunnits; I’ll also be sure to get the next one in the Cormoran Strike series ‘The Silkworm’.

I give this story 8/10

Now to decide on which in my, ever increasing, pile of un-read books to choose next; but I think it may be a non-fiction choice of ‘Work Less, Achieve More’ by Fergus O’ connell – one that I picked up recently in Waterstones for £3!


7 thoughts on “The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraith – review

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  3. I’m reading this right now funnily enough – I know, it’s been out a while but I’ve got a ‘tower’ of books to get thru! I’m enjoying the Casual Vacancy on TV – wont be long before ‘The Cuckoo’ is on our screen too no doubt! 😉

    • There’s both nothing better and nothing worse than having a tower of books to get through. Slowly I’m working my way through mine, about to finish ‘The Gargoyle’, great book btw. I’m watching that too, hard not to compare it with the book though. Have to say, I really don’t think Arf’s dad is the right casting.. Hope you enjoy the rest of the book!

      • Tell me about it! It’s also comforting to think that amongst the pile there could be one of those books which will stay with you for life! I’ll check out ‘The Gargoyle’ now too!

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