I love a good lip stain. Lipsticks, glosses etc. don’t cut it for me. Colour that lasts on my lips for a long time, is much better. But finding a good lip stain lately has been tricky.

I used to use a Rimmel one, but when it ran out, I couldn’t find a replacement. They appeared to have stopped making them in favour of lip crayons. I admit I’ve not used these so I can’t comment on them, but I don’t see how they’d be any different to lipstick for staying power; if anyone wants to correct me on this – go ahead.

But I found a new lip stain for me to use with Seventeen Berry Crush, however found this didn’t last too long in general; longer than a lip stick would but not as long as the Rimmel one, although it did smell delightfully of berries.

Now, with my Seventeen one now running low, I was on the hunt for another lip stain.

Coming across the Collection range, I was first struck by the cheapness of this range, which honestly, did make me wonder about the quality especially with the packaging of the products – not the prettiest – but am now reminded of the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’…

I love this product! It says it lasts all day – and it – well you know, nearly does – a few hours anyway. I bought it for £4.99 from Superdrug, so not a bad price at all. It’s easy to apply with its felt tip pen-esk applicator, the colour goes on evenly and dries almost instantly. I personally apply lip balm on top of the colour just to give it a bit of a shine and then don’t think about it for a couple of hours – even after eating. I just top it up whenever I feel it needs it.

As lip stains go, this is my absolute favourite and would recommend it time and again over lip sticks that last hardly any time at all.

What’s your favourite form of lip colour?


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