In the first part of this two part blog post, I told you about my hopes and concerns for dying my hair and the inspirations that I had for what colours to choose between.

If you want to get up to speed, read the original post here!

Since that post, I have dyed my hair three times.

Going to the shop to buy the dye, I was still unsure of what to go for and hoped that I would have a sudden blast of inspiration whilst browsing the options; and whilst I did, at the same time, I didn’t.
Let me explain. I couldn’t find anything that really grabbed my attention until I noticed a bleaching kit…and thought, ‘that might work’…!

I thought that as it had been my plan for a while to lighten my hair even further – when seeing the kit I thought – why not.

I bought two boxes of the bleaching kit, went home and did it – as the instructions said to.

The result however, looked nothing like it did on the box and although lighter – it was an orangey tinge and worst of all patchy!

After the bleaching kit.  Not a good look.

After the bleaching kit.
Not a good look.


I ran straight back out to the shops and bought a brown – you know, something safe – and again took it straight home and applied it to my hair.

Whilst it was developing the colour looked good.

When I washed it off – all I could do was cry. I know it’s only hair and there’s bigger things in life to worry about – but I just felt so stupid! The colour had now gone from being a slightly orange tinge to full blown orange – there was no way around this – not a nice orange – just orange, and still patchy.

I felt stupid for the fact that I had tried to change the colour so drastically all by myself – especially as all I had really wanted to do was cover the few greys I had.

And what made it worse still was the fact that now my hair felt like straw – I had not only ruined the colour but the texture too!

So, like I said, all I could do was cry.

Pulling myself together I got my deep conditioner and applied that to my hair leaving it for 45 minutes. This at least gave me back a lot of the moisture that had been drained from it.

But the fact was, I had orange hair and with already dying it twice in the same day – I knew there was nothing I could do about it for at least a week. So for one whole – incredibly long – week I had to put up with horrendous hair and trying to act as if it was meant to be like that.

Exhausting is not the word.

For the first two days, every time I looked in the mirror I cried. But I got through it and even got used to it by the end of the week.

Then I was free to dye my hair again – cautiously – or rather not so cautiously – as I figured I’d already put up with bad hair for a week – if it doesn’t work out again – I’ll just re-dye it soon.

So with Dan’s assistance this time in picking a colour – two heads are better than one and all that – we decided on Feria, Hot Chili Red!

A bold move and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous – but my god – I am thrilled with how it’s turned out!

The difference I have felt in my own confidence since dying it a colour I am happy with, is crazy. I no longer want to hide in a hole – don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to stand up on a stage shouting ‘look at me’ either – but I feel I can hold my head up high again and be happy with the daring choice I made (with the help/persuasion of Dan, of course).

The end product!

The end product!


So, tell me, what hair disasters have you had to endure and how did you cope with them?


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