Day 9 – Today was an alright day. Lots of pressures with work and home (midweek birthdays – tricky) but felt I was able to not let them consume me – as much as they wanted to. Which meant doing the session was fairly easy today.

I noticed myself daydreaming more with this one, I don’t think that’s the idea or the goal, but my mind obviously felt relaxed enough to really go wherever it wanted.

Day 10  – I think I am finally getting an understanding of what it means to observe your feelings.

Last night I was presented with situations that made me produce strong feelings of annoyance and taking things personally (I won’t go into details – it’ll only bore you) – but something strange happened when I noticed I was feeling these things.

Rather than being taken over by them, I was analysing them. In my mind it felt like there were two people; one was having the reactions, and the other was trying to figure out why I was reacting in this way and not another way – which in itself was almost distracting me from the initial feelings – meaning I could ‘move on’ quicker.

What a revelation, eh?

So I’ve just had my final session on the app and am feeling pretty content right now. And that in itself is a rare feeling for me to have. I am convinced that there is an improvement in my mental state too because I gave myself a massive list of things to do when I got home (including writing this and doing my Headspace), I even set out a timetable for everything so that I wouldn’t get myself flustered as to what needed to be done first etc. However, I got home, opened up the crockery cupboard and was attacked by flying ceramic bowls – I somehow cut my finger quite badly (not ‘stitches’ badly but near enough) and so now have to do everything one handed. As my list of things to do generally need two fully functioning hands – I  have had to abandon this.

Now, normally, I would  be beating myself up for not getting my jobs done but today…meh. I’ll do them tomorrow or maybe I won’t. If they need to get done, they will at some point.

Sign me up for Day 11!


What is Headspace?

Headspace intro

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