It’s been another slow month for film watching, as frankly, I’ve just had too much to do – but who’s complaining! Friends, family and fun deserve to come above films (although they don’t have to be separate – as with my finale film for the month).

  • John Carter – Terrible name, actually a good film and would be glad if they made more!


  • The numbers station – I cannot get that time back. 


  • Lego movie – Everything about this movie is awesome! (you’ll get that, if you’ve seen it!)


  • Back to the Future II – Great film, but honestly, it wouldn’t have mattered what film we watched. This was one of those evenings when friends and films mix very well and it was great! We had planned to go to the Luna Cinema at Ascot Racecourse to see Indiana Jones as we had had such a good time last year when they showed Back to the Future. However, we live in England, so outdoor screenings are a ‘if it doesn’t rain on the day – we’ll go’ kind of affair, and last year we got in easily. This year playing it by ear cost us and the event sold out. But instead of moping around as we’d missed out, we went out for dinner and had a delicious meal, then went back to a friend’s house and watched Back to the Future II in honour of last years’ event. And what a perfect evening it was too!



Seen any of these? What did you think? Or have you watched any good films that you’d recommend?


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