Day 7 – I didn’t end up doing this session until 9pm. My London trip continuing – Dan and I were meant to be meeting his family in a different part of London the day after the BBQ. I won’t go into all the comical details but when you arrange to meet in Westfield and no one thinks to ask – ‘which one?’, you can guess what happened. However, when there’s little sleep, hangovers, crowds, heat and lack of food involved, something which would normally be quite funny, (at the time) really wasn’t.

So the meditation didn’t happen until we got home after an exhaustingly long Sunday (who wants an exhausting Sunday?!) and, being honest, I think I listened to the first minute or so but I don’t really remember much after that. I’m sure something sunk in subliminally though. I was at least definitely relaxed.

I did watch the animation though and, I have to say, I do think these visual aids actually help you to be able to, literally, see what Andy is saying and trying to encourage you to undertake.

Day 8 – Today has been a good day. Praise the Lord! Considering my knackering weekend, I’ve felt pretty spritely and didn’t give a crap about my hair or what people would say about it.

I left the flat this morning to grey skies and thought about yesterday’s animation ‘there is blue sky above those clouds’ and so tried to rise above any anxious feelings that were clouding my perspective – and it worked.

Today’s session was about focusing on the emotional quality of the mind and notice what it is that we are actually feeling.

I definitely feel that this process of stepping back and almost separating myself from my own feelings so I can figure out what the individual emotions are and then analysing them – is getting easier.

Stay tuned for days 9-10, the finale!


What is Headspace?

Headspace intro

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