If you’re a follower of my blog, you’ll know that I go through spells of struggling to keep positive, but you’ll also know that I do my utmost to combat those feelings; to get back to a place of contentment.

Searching through the app store on my phone the other day, I came across an app called Headspace -an app for training your brain to be healthier, happier and to enjoy life more. I immediately thought ‘sign me up!’ and downloaded it to give it a try. I went into a bit more detail about this app on a previous post which you can check out here.

I’ll be going through my experience with you over the next week or so, so be sure to check back for more updates.

And without any more further-a-do, let’s get to it and find out what this app has got.

Day 1 – I actually didn’t feel too stressed coming home from work today which can be the case – but I did still have a lot running through my mind – so sitting down to do the meditation was probably an easier task than I may find it on other days. I was talked through the breathing techniques and even embracing noises around me. During the session, I felt heavy and tired, but quite relaxed.
When it finished it took me a few extra minutes to get going again but I did feel a bit better within myself and a bit clearer on the jobs I had to get on with next. I’m not making any judgements yet – so lets just see how the next few days and sessions go.

Day 2 – Today was a day filled with stresses. However, I think all in all I handled it well…apart from when Dan and I went out for dinner and I had a slight hissy fit when my order came with chunky chips instead of fries. Anyway, I think I did a good job of leaving my work at work but again had general thoughts running through my mind of things I needed to do, so sitting and taking the time out to meditate – to be honest – felt like I was wasting my time and taking me away from other tasks. But that was before I actually sat down to do it.

This time I felt different during the session; I was talked through again about breathing and embracing the noises around me, but I noticeably didn’t feel as heavy in my body or tired in my mind – I just felt really relaxed fairly quickly. Almost like my body was prepared for it today. It only takes 10 minutes out of my day to do it and boy do I feel more focused after – as if someone has hit the reboot button to my brain; allowing me to tackle my tasks one at a time, rather than flapping around not knowing where to start.


Next up – Day 3 & 4! Until then.


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