Bored on my phone, I decided to search through the app store for some inspiration. In the FREE section, of course.

I came across many apps – mainly one’s that did nothing for me- but found and downloaded a few that I thought may come in handy.

1. Perfect365 – A photo make-over app that I thought would be useful for trying out new hair colours without actually having to dye my to find out what it’d look like. Quite amusing it is too.

2. 30 Day Ab Challenge – Does what it says on the tin; an app with 30 days worth of ab workouts. Completed 6 days so far and yes my stomach muscles are feeling it.

3. Headspace – Basically, a meditation app that works to train your brain to be healthier, happier and to enjoy life more. Who wouldn’t want that?! And it is this app and my experience of it that I want to tell you about over the next week or so.


So, what is Headspace?

‘Headspace is meditation made simple.’

I would firstly like to state that I LOVE the art style of this app, its animations and its continuation through the website too – very fun.

The app is designed to give you a taste of the ‘Headspace way’ to gain perspective on your feelings and of life, with a 10 day programme.

It just takes 10 minutes of your day for 10 days and all you do is sit and follow along to what Andy (I suppose you would call him the therapist) is telling you. Anything where I can just sit and listen to someone talk as it changes me for the better – is worth a go in my book.

I said it gives you a taste of the ‘Headspace way’ as after the 10 days you are encouraged to go on to the website and sign up for (read ‘purchase’) their further courses. The initial 10 days is classed as Level 1 and there is a further 2 levels that you can sign up for.

Personally, I’m going to see how these next 10 days go before I make any decisions about purchasing anymore courses.

Be sure to check back with me to see my progress.

OK then, lets do this!


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