I suppose actually the real question is rather – what colour do I dye my hair?

I’ve been getting grey hairs since I was fifteen *sigh*, and although I’m not completely silver – I have patches that are (the salt and pepper look, I believe it’s called); meaning that I do have to dye it some colour.

The problem I am having though, is deciding which colour to go for.

For the past year or so I have been working on making my hair lighter in colour so the grey doesn’t notice so much with regrowth; however – the brands I’ve been using, haven’t touched the grey at all (even though they all say 100% grey coverage). The rest of my hair may be lighter, but it’s still quite dark and the greys stand out big time.

Throughout my teens I dyed my hair all different colours – as you do as soon as school is over. And although I don’t feel like that person anymore and have kept my hair to more natural colours in the recent years, I am getting a bit antsy to change it.

However, I feel this may be a mistake.

Since dying my hair lighter, I have people telling me how much more colour there is in my skin and how healthy I look, compared with the dark colours I used to go for that seemed to drain my skin of life.

And apart from the grey still being there, I am to a large extent, happy with the colour the rest of the hair is.

I’m worried that if I dye it any other colour I’ll go back to looking washed out and will regret it.

“Just dye it again if you don’t like it” I hear you cry – not that simple with my hair I’m afraid. It drinks up and absorbs dark colours  beautifully – but getting it to as light as it is now has taken over a year.

So if I dye it – it has to be right. Especially with the current colours I am deciding between…



Honestly, I think I’m too chicken nowadays to go for any of these, but I definitely need to do something with my hair. Maybe I’ll just go back to dying it brown.

Or has anyone got any good tips or colour suggestions for someone with very pale skin and blue eyes (that’s me by the way)?


7 thoughts on “To dye or not to dye – that is the question!

    • I know, it’s so hard to choose what’s best to do; hair seems like not a big deal yet it’s such a big part that just doesn’t work when it goes wrong. Tricky, very tricky. x

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