Not sure if I can actually call it a round up this month considering I’ve actually only seen two films this time around.

There’s been far too much football on for me to be able to watch anything else – see here for how I made it more interesting!

So the two films I managed to squeeze in this month were:

  • Frozen – This was my first experience of the latest Disney sing-a-long and as good as it was, it felt like I was watching an animated West-End musical rather than an actual Disney film. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it – but it didn’t have the right vibe as a Disney film for me. Hasn’t stopped ‘Let it go’ from being on repeat in my head for the last week!


  • Odd Thomas – Spent far too much time emphasising how ‘odd’ Odd Thomas was. It was missing something – there were details that lead no where and it left more questions than it answered. I’d be interested to read the book of this as I have a feeling that it’s one that just didn’t translate well to the big screen (or rather, the film wasn’t shot and edited as it should have been).


A longer review for these than normal as – well, there’s not many this month so why not. I’m sure next months film count will be better and back to normal – oh wait, there’s still football on. Maybe not then.

What  are your thoughts on the films you’ve seen this month?


2 thoughts on “A very quick round up of the films I’ve watched in June

  1. Hey, thanks for reading my blog and because of that, I’ve visited yours. We saw Frozen last month, and I felt as you did — it was cute and fun to watch, but missing something, and definitely not worth the hoopla it caused.
    The best film we’ve watched recently was The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was a remake, and now I want to watch the old one too.
    Nice to meet you. 🙂

  2. You’re welcome! I wanted to see that when it came out at the cinema but didn’t get around to it and unfortunately still haven’t either. AND – I hadn’t realised it was a remake – I’ll definitely have to make time to watch both! x

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