You may or may not have been aware that a little thing called the ‘World Cup’ has been going on and since I live with a football enthusiast – this is all that has been on, every single day.

I get home from work and there’s football on the TV until I go to bed – the same scenario for many people this past couple of weeks, I am sure.

But to be honest, I actually haven’t minded that much. Dan and I thought we’d make it more fun by opening a betting account online and having £1 punts on each game.

Having money riding on the outcome certainly made the games more interesting, even on so small an amount. And when it’s going your way, the excitement of it all is such a rush.

Honestly, I can see how people get addicted to gambling!

That first time of winning fools you into thinking that you’ve got a gift for it and maybe you could win big by taking bigger risks.

Our £1 bets on a match quickly mounted up to trying out lots of different angles – the first corner, the first goal scorer, how many cards in a game, people scoring braces and hattricks, the list goes on.

All the money we won in the first few matches, was gone very quickly.

The house always wins.

But, we aren’t stupid. We put £25 in the pot to begin with saying that once that was gone – that’s it. Thankfully that’s what we’ve stuck with too.

We were in it just for the fun of it all.

As I said though, it’s easy to see how people can get addicted, thinking they’ll beat the system and win a lot of money –just by betting that little bit more– it may turn out for them this time.

Remember folks, a saying is a saying for a reason:

The house always wins.


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