Lately I’ve been a bit neglective toward my blog and social media, for a number of reasons.

I’m not ashamed to say that I go through phases in my (I must stress this) personal life where I can only focus on a very few amount of things, at any one time.

This is one such time.

I’m getting to the end of my work contract and always find job hunting a very stressful process. Total opposite to Dan, it doesn’t phase him – at all. Me? It turns me into a nervous wreck. But that is not my issue today.

Before I can even get into the job hunting process; I have to perfect my CV. And ‘bigging myself up’ is something that I always struggle with; so this has taken a while, meaning that there hasn’t been much time for anything else.

…And although there hasn’t been much time for anything else…in my mind…in reality there probably has been.

I get up at 6am for a run, do all my morning bits and get to work for 8:30am. I then finish at 4:30pm each day. There’s a long time in my evenings in which I could get things done, however, not a lot has been getting done recently.

If I’m not stressing myself over job stuff, I’m berating myself for not keeping on top of my social media, or keeping the flat clean and tidy, or making the most of the sunshine outside, or reading my thousands of magazines and books that are forever piling higher – the list just goes on, you get the idea.

So do you know what I do? Nothing. It’s easier to just sit on the sofa trying to absorb myself in whatever is on the TV, with Dan and our rabbit Dora, blocking out all the other things I know I should be doing.

But tonight I wanted to change that, to pull myself myself out of this slump.

And what better way to begin than with my blog? Since my blog is about whatever is currently happening in my life, I thought I’d let you all in on just that!

This evening I have (possibly) finished updating my CV, tidied the flat, watched some of the World Cup, written this very blog you are reading now, I will attempt to get back into the rest of my social media – Twitter Instagram and Pinterest, I will maybe read a bit also, and I’ve been enjoying having the balcony door open to let in some of the summer air that is happening outside.

And boy do I feel better already! Let’s keep this up.


What about you lovely people? Are you fighting off a slump at the moment? Just got over one? Let me know .x.


8 thoughts on “It’s easier to do nothing…

  1. I just got out of a ‘funk’ that I got myself into over the winter. It’s been a great experience as now whenever I am feeling down, I remember tomorrow will be a better day. I hope you have more better days to come! Hopefully writing can help you deal with these struggles. That’s how I overcame my dark days. Feel free to check out my blog, I think you could find a lot to relate to.

    • I’m glad to hear it. Sometimes it’s so easy to let yourself dwell in those dark places of your mind, but catching it quickly and doing your best to combat it, certainly makes it easier the next time another one comes along.
      I will be doing my best to keep upbeat and positive!!
      And thanks, I’ll check out your blog too : ) x

  2. This post feels extremely relevant to my life at the moment. I’m in the process of finding a job, and while I felt motivated the first two weeks, I’m now feeling a bit of a slump having not heard back from anywhere recently.

    Finding a routine, and keeping myself busy (with reading, exercise, blogging!) seem to be helping, but I am consistently looking for new ways to find that early motivation!


    • I’m glad to find I’m not the only one, but at the same time – not glad as I know what it feels like and it’s a heavy weight to hold.
      Job hunting has always been a chore and I’m not looking forward to really having to knuckle down with this soon, but I know that it must be done. I’ve been made redundant a few times in my past with months of no jobs in between and I know what effect that can have on your confidence.
      Keep going Katherine, like you say, keep yourself active and you’ll come out on the other side with a whole new career to look forward to!
      Good luck x

    • Thank you! You’ve made me smile and I feel good about this day! I will keep going – today is going to be a good day!
      Your blog looks very inspirational btw, I look forward to reading through it x

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  4. who tought you that you have to be perfect? you have to be your beautiful you and nothing else. Who cares about the media? they are not living your life, it´s you who live it. I´ve been absent for about a year and a half, lot of personal stuff going on and no mental time to post. No guilt at all. Go live your life , hug your Friends, organize get togethers, breath in an out in a park, sit and hear the silence, smile, laugh, let yourself be not perfect, let yourself write the new rules, the ones you feel they are truly right for you and for your life. Travel, get to know people from around the world, that is an eye-opener. Basically LIVE!!

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