So yesterday’s weather was a bit manic in London, huh?

Woke up to thunder, lightening and lots of rain – and the thought of spending the day watching Polo in a wet Hurlingham Park – all made me want to just roll over and go straight back to sleep.

But you can’t let  a bit of wet weather stop you from enjoying new experiences; so I got up and ready for the day – armed with my umbrella and sunglasses, ready for all eventualities.

All the way to London it rained, but once we were there the clouds slowly parted and made way for the glorious sunshine to dry up the puddles.

Sunglasses were a definite need and I should have actually packed some sun cream too. The weather couldn’t have been any more different to the morning! Beautiful.

I was on the G&T’s, Pimm’s’ and, of course, pina coladas from the Mahiki tent – it just had to be done.

I must admit, there wasn’t a whole lot of Polo watching (I actually have no idea how it’s played), but it was a great excuse for a catch up with friends and to meet new people!

Here are a few photos from the day!










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