My blog is about whatever I’m currently in to; and that, at the moment, is skating!

As you should know, I’m on a bit of a health-kick (…when it suits me, sometimes that piece of cake it just too tempting) and have a pact with Dan that by the time we go on our next holiday, we are to have beautiful beach bodies.

As a bit of an update on that front, I have been fairly good recently with sticking to my fixed food amounts and 6am alarm calls for exercising; only a few times have I switched the alarm off, rolled over and gone back to sleep. I’d say that’s a job well done.

But for me personally, keeping the momentum going for it all, means that I need constant distractions.

When I’m not eating I need to be doing something, anything that will take my mind off eating the wrong things and snacking unnecessarily; and when I’m exercising, I need music or good conversation to make me not think about the fact that I am exercising – otherwise I get in a bit of a bad mood…

So, what’s the answer to both of these problems? Get out of the house and do something!

And that’s exactly what I will be doing with my new skates! Earlier in the week, Dan, some friends of ours and I took a trip to Virginia Water so we could all try out Dan’s skates. None of us had worn a pair for years – and honestly – it was hilarious to watch!

With arms flailing and bums sticking out for balance, it was a pure miracle that no one ended up on their arse.

Having my hand held as I tried to skate and getting encouraging words of “you’re doing really well”, reminded me of being a child again, of mum and dad teaching me to ride my bike or to skate in my Polly Pocket roller boots.


We all had a great time and improved quickly in the short go that we each had. So much so that we’ve all decided to buy our own skates and make it a regular thing.

I got mine yesterday, just a cheap pair while I learn, and am really looking forward to trying them out. The weather is looking good today so I may even break them out and christen them tonight!

I’ve got high hopes for these skates in keeping me occupied and away from the biscuit tin, but also with the amount of good things I’ve heard that skating does for your legs and bum – my beach body may turn up quicker than expected…

I’ll keep you posted on my progress : D x


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