I’ve written a few times already about different ways in which I am trying to control my food intake and diet in general with: juice diets, writing down what I eat, cutting down portion sizes and even trying not to care about it and think ‘YOLO and all that!’

But the truth is, nothing, so far, has worked and I know a big part of that is due to my mindset.

I love food. I think about food – a lot, honestly it’s probably what I think about the most! (In fact, I’m currently sat here now thinking about how nice it would be to have a big slice of Victoria sponge cake…) I sit there at work snacking away on very bad things (think doughnuts, chocolate and crisps, and you’re half-way there) and still wanting food at meal times; then snacking when I get home, having dinner (not a small dinner either) and wanting something sweet to finish it off.

The pounds are quickly piling on and I need to nib this in the bud before it gets worse.

I’ve come to realise my problem relationship with food – as I have been lying to Dan about what I’ve been eating.

As you may recall – Dan and I made a pact that by the time we next went on holiday we would have beautiful beach bodies; and so he has been trying to keep me in line with the food that I have been having. However, he didn’t know about my secret snacking – whenever he wasn’t around.

One morning last week he kept telling me how well I had been doing with my eating and I should be really proud of myself – which made me feel terrible because I knew I hadn’t! I was lying to him when he was keeping up his end of the bargain of our pact, and really – at the end of the day – I was only cheating myself by eating too much and lying about it anyway. So I confessed.

He could have been annoyed with me, shouted at me, been disappointed with me, taken the mickey out of me – anything. But no, he told me not to worry about it and we’ll make a new plan together.

So that’s what we have done, and honestly, I’m quite excited about it!

For starters, I have downloaded a calorie counting app that’s really simple to use. I can scan food barcodes for easy inclusion and keep track of my food intake, I can also add in what exercise I have done, set a goal weight or goal size and it tells me exactly how much I should eating and exercising for those goals. Using this app will hopefully help to make me more aware of what I’m eating since I now have a calorie limit – and, as I love my food, I know I’d rather eat a lot more of something with fewer calories, than one nice thing that will use up my whole day’s worth of calories.

I’m changing the times that I will be eating during the day too. For the past three weeks, Dan and I have been getting up at 6am most days, to go running before work, and having breakfast before work too; meaning that by 9:30am I am more than ready to eat something else.

Here is our food plan for the next two weeks:

Breakfast – overnight oats (I’m trialling this and will put up a ‘how to’ if it works well) – To be eaten at work which means holding out from eating at home after my morning exercise.

Snacks – one apple, one pear, one small banana, one pack of go ahead biscuits. – For anytime in the day when I need some energy.

Lunch – one slice of seeded bread cut in half, with a thin layer of cream cheese and salad cream, and lettuce. A quarter of a cucumber and one carrot cut into sticks.

Dinner – salad every night, and we have bought a 12 pack of eggs, a bag of potatoes and Quorn pieces to make simple dinners such as, omelette, egg and potato salad, fajita salad, and such-like meals. We have plenty of spices and frozen veg to add into the mix to make it interesting.

I’m hoping that by keeping things very simple, I’ll be able to regain control over my eating habits and relearn the rule of ‘everything in moderation’. I’m not worried about still being hungry, like usual, with this amount of food as I’ll be able to spread it across the day more constructively; by having my first meal of the day a lot later than I would normally – this will in turn push my other meals back too.

As long as I can keep positive about this change and fully understand my own reasons for doing this, then I should succeed in making these changes for my future self and be able to keep a grip on healthy eating in later life.

Or, at least, that’s the plan.. Wish me luck x


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