Dressing well – all of the time – can be a very tricky task, maybe even impossible. But by actively avoiding some of the major pitfalls, certain fashion disasters can be dodged.

  • Scrunchies

On children these are fine. I remember when I was little and my mum would put my hair up for me; I dreaded it everyday! The pain of the hair pulling and the bands – well she may as well have just used an elastic band! Ouch. But when my mum would put my hair up with a scrunchy, it didn’t pull at my hair like normal bands would – they felt like a gift from God. But now, as a grown up, these are not okay to still be wearing. You will look like an eighties throw back, and not in a good sense. Some people can get away with wearing them, but it’s probably just safer to assume that you are not one of them.

  • Badly fitting clothes

This is a harder one to control. Our weight can fluctuate (up or down) without us even noticing and realising when you’re clothes don’t fit anymore can be difficult to spot. The best answer is to take a picture of yourself wearing whatever item you’re not sure about anymore and seeing how you look in the photo. If the item hangs off of you in the wrong places – it’s too big and won’t be flattering to your slender figure. If the item is too tight and bulging in the wrong places – it’s too small and is probably making you look bigger than you are. Well fitting clothes will accentuate your body’s shape and can even help with self-confidence, as you know you look good in what you’re wearing.

  • Birkenstocks

Again, some people can get away with wearing these. However, on most people they just look like granddad sandals that are missing the faded green socks…

  • Too big earrings

If you’re ear lobes are being dragged down from the weight or you can’t easily move your head in any direction without your earrings getting in the way – they’re probably too big.

  • Wearing running trainers as part of a normal outfit

Gym wear is offensive at the best of times, but actively wearing your running trainers with anything other than your gym kit (formal or casual), to anywhere other than the gym – just should not be done. If you need comfy shoes to commute in get yourself some pumps.

  • Slouch trousers/ sweat pants

The danger with these is that you see others wearing them out and about and you know it looks awful; when you own a pair yourself, you begin by only wearing them indoors but quickly decide it’s okay to venture out into the garden perhaps, and then a quick pop to the shops, then it’s everywhere but your place of work – after all, they are just so darn comfy. STOP! Make an effort and at least slip on some jeans, it’s not hard.

  • Onesies

These are freaky things. They are essentially giant baby-grows. And that is not right, in my book. Yes they may be comfy and yes you may only wear them around your own home (I assume…and hope) and you may think you look cute in it, but I can assure you – you don’t. Get some real pyjamas.


A fashion faux pas can happen at any time, but by avoiding these simple few things – you can at least help to prevent an embarrassing fashion situation.

How about you? What are your fashion no-no’s? x


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