How often do you look at the clothes inside your wardrobe and say ‘I have nothing to wear’? Personally, all the time. But as my husband so often points out – you can’t fit anymore in there so there must be something for you to wear!

So when you’re looking at your clothes and finding outfit inspiration difficult, what do you do?

After a little self-pitying down-time at my lack of creativity in my own wardrobe – I then head to Pinterest.

I usually have one piece of clothing in mind that I will wear for the day and then look up that piece of clothing on Pinterest until I find an outfit I like with similar clothes that I have in my wardrobe. For example:

Say I want to wear my chambray shirt, but can’t decide what else to wear with it. To Pinterest I go!





Once I’ve scrolled through and found an outfit I can work with, such as this:


Pinterest outfit

Pinterest outfit


Then I can rummage through my clothes to find similar items for my outfit for the day, and Voila!



My version with clothes from my wardrobe


So, the next time you think you have nothing to wear, try looking on Pinterest.com for your outfit inspiration.

*Please note that I don’t actually have any connection with Pinterest, I just bloody love it!

Do you use this method? What’s your inspiration for staying in love with the clothes you own?



5 thoughts on “Falling in love again, with the clothes I already own..

  1. Love that you are re-inventing the clothes that you already own. I try to do that… but it’s funny you get stuck in this slump of this always goes well with these pants or this was made for this.

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