Leaving the house without make-up, for many, is a tough thing to do. But weighing up the pro’s and con’s of wearing it whilst exercising, should be a no-brainer. Oh dear, Kevin Bacon just popped into my head…get out Kevin! Ignoring that rude interruption…

Make-up is a mask we wear to both cover our imperfections and highlight our good features to help us feel more confident when we’re around other people. And as I said, consciously leaving the house without our trusty war paint, can be a bigger deal for some people than you’d realise – even if it is to just go food shopping or to the gym.

But understanding the importance of not having make-up on when exercising, may even help for not having to cover so many imperfections normally.

I’ll be pointing out the complete obvious here – but sometimes it takes hearing the facts from someone else, to help you realise the significance.

When we exercise, we get hot. When we get hot, it opens up our pores. When our pores are open it not only means that sweat can come out, it also means that dirt and grime can go in and block them up.

We all know that make-up is not particularly great for skin, in general, but if you’ve got make-up and grime from the day on your face and you go exercising, all that grime has nowhere to go but into your open pores, blocking them up nicely to create infection and then spots.

Think about it, you’re going to the gym to get your body and your heart fit and healthy, and all because you don’t want to be seen without you’re make-up, you’re opening your skin up to be in a worse condition later on.

Ever heard that saying, “If you still look cute at the end of your workout, you didn’t train hard enough.”? You’re not at the gym for anyone else but yourself, so take your make-up off and let your skin breathe, it’ll thank you for it!

However, if you simply can’t go ‘au naturel’ then limit yourself to mascara, a touch of concealer (only where needed!!) and a tinted lip gloss. Definitely no foundation!



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