For us proud folk, making any sort of mistake can be a humiliating experience; whether it involves anyone else or not.

Those times when you accidentally say something wrong, when you trip over your own feet, when someone loudly tells you in front of others that you’ve made a mistake – all these things can make you feel like crap. And most of the time, it’s not just momentarily either.

We are our own worst enemy and will continue to beat ourselves up – way after the event – building it up in our heads to be even more than it was in the first place.

When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.” Unknown.

Neither, continually blaming ourselves or dismissing the issue, will help us to grow as people. Learning to face our mistakes and to take what we can out of the experience, is what we should – no- need to focus on at these times. Shifting our thoughts from ‘This is so embarrassing! Ground please swallow me now!’ to ‘OK, let’s look at this again, what should I have done differently?’

Everyday is a life lesson and one that we should be learning from.

By switching our brains to automatically look for the solutions in our errors and ways to avoid it happening again, we can create a more positive outlook for ourselves; by realising that we are growing – if we only take the opportunity as it is given to us.

Go on, let yourself off.


3 thoughts on “Letting yourself make mistakes

  1. Love this post. It’s so easy to dwell on our mistakes and beat ourselves up, but that does no good, especially if we don’t learn from them and then alter our behavior so we can avoid making the same mistake again. Great blog! Care to check out mine? Downwiththenorm.wordpress.com

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