Six weeks into my 100 Happy Days Challenge.
Here’s the rundown of what has been making my days this week:

1. Saturday – New shoes for my holiday!!

2. Sunday – Driving to see our mums for Mother’s Day in the sunshine with my rapper sunnies…

3. Monday – Relaxing in slippers and jarmies after what could only be described as a life lesson of a day.

4. Tuesday – Knowing that my no more washing could be done before our holiday!

5. Wednesday – Having a bad hair and skin day, yet I was still smiling.

6. Thursday – Finished work for two weeks and was excited to soon be crossing off more destinations from our goal board.

7. Friday – Almost finished packing for our voyage! *Note. This is solo not all the bags we are taking.

I’ll be putting week 7 and 8 of my Happy 100’s in a post together after I get back from my jolly’s. But boy am I looking forward to these next two weeks!!


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