Today, two years ago, I married my partner of nine years and became Mrs Tiller.

We’d been together eight years when Dan proposed to me in Paris (it was perfect I can assure you : D ), but it was soon after we announced our plans to marry – to the world, that the wedding horror stories started coming out.

More and more people were telling me about their couple friends or couple friends of friends who had been together for years before they married, then divorced within a year of marriage…

If a wedding isn’t enough to freak you out, stories like these certainly are! It was a crazy time leading up to the wedding, no more so than any other wedding, I’m sure, but with not only having the usual preparations to think of – I was also worrying that we were possibly jeopardising/jinxing our, so far successful, relationship.

Two years and counting!

If you’re in the throws of wedding planning, I have two bits of advice:

1. Do listen to advice from others who have been there and done that. You may not necessarily have to take it but there may be some useful gems.

2. Don’t listen to wedding horror stories that begin “I’ve got a friend who knows someone who had this really bad thing happen to them”. You cannot be prepared for every eventuality and your day will still be perfect regardless of what happens.


Feel free to ask me any questions, I found getting advice and opinions from people that I didn’t know, was quite useful. If I can be of help, give me a go!

Now, I am going to be completely self-indulgent and leave you with some of the photos from my own special day, it is my Anniversary after all : )

Enjoy x


Our wedding 5th April 2012



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