Packing for holidays is so difficult. Not for men, no. Not really. Men generally need only pack, a pair or two of shorts, some casual and formal trousers, a nice shirt, some t-shirts, maybe a jumper, and you’re done.

But for women, the different shoes alone – are a nightmare! It takes so long to gather outfits needed for all possible eventualities and to plan what it is you will actually want to wear; a task impossible to complete since we have no idea of the weather and what we’ll even feel like wearing on any given day of the holiday…this is difficult to plan.

So far, I have been prepping for my two week cruise holiday for about four weeks, trying to pick up some new articles of clothing each weekend.

And, I know I am not even there with what I would hope to take; but time is almost up and I haven’t been able to find a few bits of what I need. Namely, a jacket. I don’t have a jacket to wear. But rather than pulling my hair out over it, I have resided myself to the thought that I will  just have to put more layers on if I get cold.

Sorted. I’m sure I’ll regret this as I stand shivering in the cold, but who cares – because I’ll be abroad on holiday!

Have I mentioned I’m going on holiday yet?

I haven’t been on a proper vay-k since my honeymoon two years ago so I am super excited! Hence why I just used vay-k…

I think it’s safe to say that I am planning for sun, which is reflected in the outfits I have chosen, I just have to hope that I am not caught out by the rain or anything too often. But here is a selection of what I’ll be taking with me, what do you think?


£5 (sale) Aztec dress, Bentalls


£4.79 (sale) Plum dress, missguided.co.uk


£9.99 Eiffel Tower top, H&M


£4.19 (sale) Maxi skirt, missguided.co.uk

So tell me, where are you headed and what are you taking?

: D   x


12 thoughts on “What I’m packing for my holiday!!

  1. I think you’ll have more outfits if you choose your clothing items so that they all mix / match / layer with each other. And yes, you can control for temperature that way too. Add in a great waterproof jacket – after all, you’ve paid so much for your vacay. Would you want to spoil it because you don’t have the rain gear to go out and enjoy the world? Shoes – A good pair of walking shoes and a good pair of sandals go a long way. Maybe add in a pair of ballet flats. But since you’ve coordinated your wardrobe all your shoes will match.
    For cold: find a good silk underwear top. Mine is 3/4 sleeve and scoop neck so it is undetectable under street wear. A good pair of leggings work with dresses when it gets cold, and may also be worn under pants. Or alone for lounging.
    Dress you plum dress up using scarves, jewelry, and light (sheer) tops layered over it. You’ll get totally different looks.

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