Five weeks into my 100 Happy Days Challenge.
Here’s the rundown of what has been making my days this week:

1. Saturday – An evening in consisting of food and films. What could be better?

2. Sunday – We booked our excursions for our holiday! Including seeing Florence and Pisa, Monaco’s F1 track and a trip to Gibraltar to see the monkeys!!

3. Monday – Just simply being at home after an extra long day of work.

4. Tuesday – Knowing that my run was done for the evening and I could enjoy the rest of my night.

5. Wednesday – My cheap as chips clothes order arrived and I was super happy with all of it. Miracle!

6. Thursday – My birthday card from my sister finally turned up. Mr Postman lost it for almost a month!

7. Friday – My husband being annoying made me smile. A song that I had managed to get out of my head after days of it going around and around and around, he put right back in there on purpose! The song was, ‘If I had a hammer’ I’d heard it on the radio one morning, and he turned to me saying “So…if I had a hammer..?” Git.

Week 6, bring it on.


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