What’s the best TV advert you have seen recently?

Has an advert ever ‘stayed’ with you for – whatever – reason?

What is it that makes a TV advert good or not?

I definitely don’t know the answer to that last one and I’m not here to answer those questions anyway – but I find that mostly it’s Christmas adverts that stick with me; such as the Coca Cola Christmas ad and most of the John Lewis Christmas ad’s. They’re just so heart warming.

Why I’m here is because I wanted to show you this Guardian ‘Do Something’ advert. When I saw it, it was on the weekend and completely out of the blue – but so impactful that I just HAD to go out and buy the paper. A newspaper! Who just HAS to go to and buy a newspaper?!

Just shows what good advertising can do! However…unfortunately I couldn’t find the paper anywhere so I have no idea what was in it…Anyway, here it is and hopefully it’ll help provide a bit of inspiration to other advertisers. Enjoy!



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