To carry on with my healthier eating plan and knowing/having more control in what is going into my body, I have been making (yummy) homemade energy bars for the times when I need an extra little lift.

They are sugar free, you can control the amount of calories in each bar and best of all they are really delicious. I’m not delusional, a bar of chocolate is far more satisfying when all you want is chocolate – but these are at least a more nutritious choice when you’re trying to be good.

They are very simple to make and so much easier still – if you have a food processor. If, like me until recently, you only have a mini chopper or a blender, it does take more time to do these.

All you need is three ingredients…you can see now why I tried these in the first place…yes three ingredients is all it takes to make these little lovelies.

Homemade energy bars


1 cup of dates

1 cup of cranberries or any other dried fruit that takes your fancy

1 cup of nuts. Any you like, I usually use a variety of nuts and seeds.


  • If you have food processor, put all the ingredients in together and whizz away. If you have a mini chopper or blender, you’ll want to do each ingredient separately and probably a small amount at a time.
  • When the ingredients come together and makes one big dough-like mixture, you’re ready to move on to the next bit.
  •  Place mixture onto some greaseproof paper and roll out as thick or as thin as you want. Move the edges to make it into a square or rectangle- this is just easier to make bars with.
  • Chop into bars (as evenly as you can), wrap individually in cling film and store in the fridge…not sure if they need to stay in the fridge but that’s where mine live.

The way you can count your calories with these bars is as follows: work out the amount of calories for each ingredient using the information on the packets, add it all together and then divide that by how many bars you make. Bosh! Done.

Got any questions for me, go right ahead and ask. x


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